Frank Gore gets to 15,000

The ageless wonder put up over 100 on the ground today, and has joined Smith, Payton, and Barry in the 15,000 yard club. What a football player. Congrats to Gore!

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Over 100 today. Guy is a machine and is still playing very well.

Here, here! Congratulations!

Just another GREAT RB many props and congratulations !! well earned.

One of those ageless wonders that knows what it takes and does what’s needed to achieve it.

Well earned. He’s in rarefied air that’s for sure.

All time great due to his consistency and longevity. I’m not sure he was ever a top 3 back in the league but he was really good for a really long time.

I remember watching when he blew a knee out for the second time in college. At the time I was thinking his pro career is probably over before it got started. Then he made it and is still dumping 100+ on the ground in the new passing era of the NFL. 15,000 yards! Awesome.

Portis, McGahee and Gore in the same backfield. That era Miami program was insane.

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Wasn’t a Miami fan but the players that were coming through there was amazing to watch.