Free Agency Decisions

I have already posted a list of key decisions with the top two being Slay and Golladay. For the sake of argument lets say the Lions lock down both Slay and Golladay and decide to save $ and not re-sign Glasgow and A. Robinson. We need to also say that Harrison decides to come back for one more season.

The Lions will have free agency $ available. Yes, there are other decisions that are important. BUT…what if the Lions decide to roughly stay pat with the OL (replacing Glasgow internally) and at LBer and say the Lions are looking closely at draft a CB in round 1 giving them Slay, Coleman, Okudah, Amani Oruwariye, Agnew and a 6th CB.

So…what if the Lions did this in free agency:

  1. Signed DT Chris Jones. Quinn already spent big $ on Mike Daniels and Jones seems to play a similar role.

  2. Added depth behind Harrison with DT Danny Shelton or maybe Vernon Butler or Beau Allen. We need a true run stuffer behind Harrison and in case Harrison either does retire or quits in 2020.

Would that be enough to get this defense turned around? That would leave the LBers as Davis, Tavai, Chrisrtian Jones and Kennard. To me that isn’t good enough. So I add:

  1. Dante Fowler at weakside LBer…like he was used in LA with the Rams.

Fowler is 26 in August. To me that fixes the defense. Expensive? Yes. Affordable? Yes…if we go cheap in other areas like safety, TE, and RB. And interior OL.

Flowers, Chris Jones, Damon Harrison (if he comes back), Shelton (or other run stuffer), Okwara, D. Hand, A. Bryant and Austin Bryant works for me. Add a 9th DL guy if necessary.

From there at LBer we maybe could have Fowler, Davis, Tavai, Kennard, Christian Jones and whoever else we want to keep.

In the secondary we might have Slay, Okudah, Coleman, Amani Oruwariye, Agnew and a 6th CB? At safety Will Harris, Tracy Walker, hopefully Tavon Wilson back (cheap deal) CJ Moore and ?

In the draft we would have the rest of that draft still to flush out the roster.

Yea, if we lose Graham Glasgow and Robinson but lock down DT Chris Jones (replacing Mike Daniels), Shelton (better DT run stuffing deopth) and then add Fowler (weakside starter) that would be massive upgrades and if Harrison stays…we have elite depth.

Those are my three free agent horses at this point. And losing Graham would feel like nothing to me if we can get this defense fixed.


I really like the thoughts you’ve laid out, but looking at things realistically, KC is not going to let Jones walk. They will either pay him or franchise him. Either way, he’ll be a Chief next year. I’d be willing to bet the bank on that.

After the Super Bowl win, he said he wants to stay a Chief for life and he wants to build a f***ing dynasty in KC. That doesn’t exactly sound like a guy who’s going to sign with a team that hasn’t won their own division for 28 years and counting.

I agree it is unlikely Chris Jones leaves but I think a run stuffing DT depth signing is critical behind and with Harrison (a step up over Robinson) and I think Fowler might be exactly what this defense needs.

I mention Jones as if Quinn was in buy mode with Mike Daniels it is clear we see that position as important.

I have stated that re-signing Robinson was important and if the Lions think Robinson can be an elite run stuffer at a decent price I am fine with Robinson coming back. But he wasn’t what we need in 2019 at all.

There are a lot of run stuffers available in 2020 meaning Robinson back or Shelton or Jordan Phillips or many other players are out there but we need a post Harrison plan just in case. We cannot let this defense crumble without a strong anchor again.

In terms of Chris Jones…the Chiefs need to lock him down. 26 years old in July, 31 sacks the last three seasons. Plays a position of need. The Chiefs have some really, really tough decisions in 2020. Their awesome QB needs to be paid. They are paying Hill big $ now. Frank Clark is a free agent (and just 27 in June!). Sammy Watkins is a free agent. DE Ogbah is a free agent. CB Breeland is a free agent, CB Kendall Fuller is a free agent, LBer Reggie Ragland is a free agent and so on.

They are crazy to let Chris Jones walk. But if they do…yea, go after this guy hard.

Past that Fowler could be an amazing addition here. And DT depth is critical too.


I felt like a nitpicked you over the Jones angle and didn’t give you kudos for a well thought out plan. I enjoyed reading it. As always, you bring a lot to this board.

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Have to say it is not my vision. I don’t like it. Well, I don’t like anything other than Chris Jones and I don’t see it as possible. I don’t think it is poorly reasoned, but if I can’t see it happening, it becomes less appealing… This team needs difference makers on defense.
I see them grabbing Okudah if Young is gone. BAM, DIfference maker.
I see them getting a solid DE by paying one, like Arik Armistead. Bam, a second difference maker. Last of all maybe trading back into the first and grabbing Kenneth Murray. I have yet to really look over the FA linebackers but one of the SF DL guys (Armistead) is gone by money. I think Washington moves one as well, so, 2/3 's of my plan is feasible and trading back into the first from 035 shouldn’t be real costly.

Thanks man! Much appreciated.


Kamalei Correa OLB

James Bradberry CB extend Slay 2 more years so we have him for next 3 season.

D.J. Reader DT if Snacks doesn’t come back I think He comes Back

Mike Daniels I would like to see come back

I would add another DT with rush ability like Hargrove
Vernon Butler would also be OK

I think C Jones will want way way to much money.

I would try a resign Glasgow

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I was a re-sign Glasgow and Robinson guy until I really thought about it. There are a number of solid run defenders available in free agency. I am fine replacing Robinson with almost anyone. In terms of Jones…that is the kind of guy we need.

Honestly if the choice was take Mike Daniels’s from 2019 and add what Graham hopes to make in 2020 for Chris Jones I do that deal in a second. And I think the Lions would be wise to wait in terms of committing that kind of until the very last minute. I welcome Graham back but not if it costs us a top player elsewhere.

In terms of Daniels…if we cannot get a Jones Mike might be the best hope we have of filling that position in 2020 as long as Daniels is very affordable.

Fowler is looking like the guy we need to me.

I am looking at what this defense needs to be good. With Harrison sucking and Robinson sucking this defense flat stunk. This defense seems to need that pocket pushed back to work. And we need a great secondary.

Chris Jones or a healthy Mike Daniels combined with a Robinson or step up free agent option with Fowler might be the ticket as long as Slay comes back and we draft the top CB.

Could a Kamalei Correa be an option if Fowler falls through or re-signs? Yep. Hard to see TN letting this guy go but they also have hard choices there. RB Henry is a FA and they need to re-sign their QB Ryan T.

This defense needs strong DT play to get going. So we need that in 2020. We also don’t have a true weak side guy and Fowler fits that bill perfectly. Correa is a nice fall back. But we need that position filled.

As important as every draft is this is the most important free agency period I can remember for the Lions. Of they get this right and guys stay healthy this could be a nice turn around story. If we have to traded Slay and or if the Lions cannot land the guys we need 2020 is going to be a long shitty year as the draft will not save this team in 2020. The core already built, health, the 2020 free agency class and then the draft will save this coming season if these coaches are capable at all.

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Thing is is KC only has about 16 mil in cap space at the moment. I dont think they have the ammo to keep all of the people they would like to keep. Jones maybe out of their hands. I dont see him giving them a tremendous large discount just to stay in KC.

They will find a way to franchise him. He is not leaving KC.

And in the slim chance he does, he sure as hell isn’t coming to this dumpster fire imo.

It’s not only that they don’t have cap space now, but they’re really gonna be hurting once they give Mahomes his $50M/year contract or whatever crazy number he gets. I actually expect them to let Jones go.

That said, I think they’ll franchise him and then trade him, like the Seahawks did with Frank Clark and the Texans with Clowney. And they’ll get a ton. And then Jones will become the highest-paid non-QB in the league.

I’ve heard Jones will be looking 4 x $18m deal which will probably be too rich for us, and probably KC as well
I expect him to land on a team with a ton of cap space

KC can save $14 mil by cutting Watkins alone. I’m sure they can find savings elsewhere as well.

Jones wants to be a Chief for life. I’m sure they’ll figure it out together.

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I’ll bet money Chris Jones is a Chief in 2020.

Cutting Sammy Watkins alone is enough to keep him

The Chiefs have 81 million in cap space 2021 with all of their good players under contract at least through that year. Except Pat and Jones

You cut Watkins and that gets you enough this year to resign Jones. Regular cap space you use to sign Pat in 2021. Dude probably gets 5 for 200.

After 2021 Mathieu, Kelce are either too old or out of contract and you replace them in the draft.

How do they sign D. Williams, B. Breeland, E. Ogbah, R. Ragland, D. Lee, And still sign Jones?
If they had 81 mil this year i would agree. However they only have 16 mil (30 mil. if Watkins is cut).
They only save about 14 mil. cutting Watkins. Jones estimated market value is around 19 mil.

Who do you consider their good players?

I like it. Then TD

  1. Okudah CB
    2a. McKinney S
    2b. Swift RB
    3a. Brooks LB
    3b. Strowbridge DE

All of those players are replacement level except maybe Williams.

Darron Lee was a healthy inactive in the Super Bowl. Ragland isn’t as good as Tahir Whitehead.

Ogbah missed the last 6 games of the season and the entire playoffs.

Every single players you listed is mediocre at best except Breeland and Williams.

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