Free Agency pool deep at least

Very Sad that FA is the only interesting element pre TDay… That and if QuinTricia will make it to 2020.

I’m in the camp of throwing 40ML a year at the D…

I’ll take any 3 of the following to inject some life into our corpse of a D.
Chris Jones
Shaq Thompson
Jaime Collins
Arik Armstead
Bud Dupree
Leo Williams
Vic Beasley
Dante Fowler
Grugier Hill
Pernell Mcphee
Elandon Roberts
Benson Mayowah
Markus Golden
G. Mccoy
Robert Quinn.
Jarren Reed

Lot of talent I didnt list and the draft to me doesnt look nearly as deep as the last couple but I’d be alotting too.

Have to imagine our sparkling braintrust will be feeling the heat and empty the coffers this spring.

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Too Soon??

would have thought this would have cured some season over blues

I suspect Quinntricia knew this and that’s why they saved big cap dollars this year. I suspect they planned all along to make a big push in year 3… I just don’t think they accounted for the abysmal 2019, with all the key injuries and such. I suspect they’re a lot closer to turning the corner than most (frequent) posters here think.

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