Free agents who might help

Quinton Spain G an OL who would replace the departed Lang without using a premium draft pick.

Darius Philon DT depth, rotational DL, offering depth and insurance against A’Shawn Robinson going FA.

Tre Boston Safety really a game tempo setting guy, gives us a guy who lays the wood in the back seven.

Seeing as they are still available might come as a low risk, short deals to fill needs before the draft.

E. J. Gaines CB an established #2 corner, eliminates the need for using a premium draft asset.

T. Williams WR a WR 2 to use if we move Marvin, depth and insurance against Jones leaving

Zac Brown OLB another weak position bolstered by a free agent.

Any one of these players would help in my opinion.

I like the way BQ is setting the team up to be able to spend freely, especially with the draft approaching, players will soon be hitting the trade block, and we could set ourselves up nicely if it becomes expensive.

That said, we also have options out there right now.
Zac Brown is the top player on my list. I think he would fit nicely here.

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I would be very happy with getting Zack Brown.

Contract estimate on Brown? Can he cover tight ends?

Dunno for sure. Word is PFF graded him out as the 3rd best inside LB, but there was a comment that his playing time declined as the season ended. The Skins tried to trade him, but no takers; he turns 30 this October. I haven’t seen the 1st word on him, no visits or rumors. Feels like deja vu with him and that DT guy that got cut by the Colts last year and many of us wanted to come here cuz he was from the D. I’m guessing Brown wants the top dollar he can get with the most guaranteed money; we’ll see who gets him but I ain’t counting any chickens. Maybe the Lions pass and draft a ILB instead.

I think it is a buyer’s market…last contract 3 years 21,000,000, he won’t get that this time.