Free Agents who signed elsewhere

  • WR Jamal Agnew — [Signing three-year, $14.25M deal with Jaguars]
  • LB Jarrad Davis — [Signing one-year, $7M deal with Jets]
  • WR Marvin Jones Jr. — [Signing two-year, $13.5M deal with Jaguars]
  • K Matt Prater — [Signed two-year deal with Cardinals]
  • LB Reggie Ragland — [Signing one-year deal with Giants]
  • G Oday Aboushi — [Signing one-year, $1.75M deal with Chargers]
  • S Miles Killebrew — [Signing one-year deal with Steelers]
  • WR Kenny Golladay — [Signing 4-year, $72M deal with Giants]
  • CB Darryl Roberts — [Signing with Washington Football Team]
  • WR Mohamed Sanu — Signing one-year deal with 49ers

Any of these you regret? I have to say none are large regrets for me, especially at some of the prices (e.g. Golladay, Jones, Davis, Agnew). Good for them, but not worth it to stay here. I think the two that I would have thought twice about are Killebrew because of ST and Aboushi as he always seems to be a more-than-adequate depth player. I also liked Sanu as a sure handed veteran slot who could block, and Ragland as a bargain LB who was more than adequate depth esp. in short yardage. Both didn’t fit the ‘speed’ mantra however. So I get it.

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Prater’s probably who I’ll miss the most, but I get it.


Right, me too. But he was just making too much.

Out with the old, in with the new. When Dan talked about WRs need to get separation, KG wasn’t a fit at that price and another deep class this year.

The best replacement value, IMO, is Kalif Raymond after Agnew signed with Jacksonville. He hasn’t had the bobbles that Agnew had in the return game, and he’s more developed as a receiver. Honestly, and perhaps delusionally, I see some DeSean Jackson (not MeSean) in him. With decent speed elsewhere on the team, he could be “forgotten” and blossom with Goff’s accuracy.

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Hopefully Sanu at least got an offer from us. He played his ass off down the stretch last year.

The rest are meh.

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Only one for me at the money they signed for is MJJr. He’d be the best WR on our roster right now at 6.75M per season over 2 years. But he probably wouldn’t have passed on Florida/Bevell/Meyer/Lawrence/No State Tax for the same money.

Weird that that many got deals elsewhere… our cast offs normally drown not float

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When you are trying to tank you don’t need a good kicker F-ing it up.

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We also lost the following players. Some to cuts.

J. Coleman
C. Jones
M. Hall
D. Shelton
C. Daniel
D. Trufant

Still free agents (accounting to OTC) but likely not back.

E. Griffen
D. Amendola
J. James
D. Harmon
J. Dahl
T. McRae
A. Peterson
R. Bodine

I’m sure I’m missing a few.

Needless to say the Lions love to rotate the roster.

many of us were saying just a couple years ago that our roster cuts were becoming more difficult, and our cast-offs were getting traction elsewhere. Just another indicator what piss poor coaching can do to a team.

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