Free Press raises the specter that you've seen the last snap Matthew Stafford will take in a Lions uniform

Birkett: If Matthew Stafford’s Detroit Lions career is over, it came to a fitting end

Just more click-bait BS from media sources again, IF Matt Stafford ‘was’ going to hang them up? we would easily see him hold a presser himself.
not leave it up to other sources to announce.

I think the point was that he could very well be done for the season. Or the Lions could choose to shut him down for the rest of the season, even if he felt he could still go out there.

And that a new GM and new Head Coach coming in could mean a different direction for the team.

All of that together = Stafford may have taken his last snap as a Lion. Not as a player.


They probably won’t be able to draft a QB that can come right in and play.
The other options are signing a FA like Winston, Fitzpatrick, or Trubisky (if the Bears let him go). They are already paying Stafford, so I think they keep him.

and Stafford will be our QB the next few games. He THOUGHT about comming back in vs Green Bay but was too sore and stayed out, now he has a whole week to let it heal…so he will play.

Another angle imho is that Matt know he’s will be successful with Bevell… and he already says he like him and what he bring to the offense…

No Bevell; No Matt …

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I was waiting to see Stafford play outdoor against titans good defense . I can clearly say progress or not after seeing the game. I want to see how Stafford react to some exotic package from Titans defense

that’s what she said!


Feel like I have to stick up for Dave Birkett here, he is NOT click-baity (that’s Carlos Monarrez), and I’d argue does a great job providing relevant reporting and analysis on the Lions. Also, didn’t we just have a thread here posing this exact question? But the guy who covers the Lions full-time isn’t allowed to write an article about it? I dunno, just saying, let’s reserve our hate for the media people who’s career is based on stirring the pot for attention. Birkett is just not one of those guys.


I mentioned in a previous post them signing Fitzpatrick as a bridge QB with Daniels as the backup after drafting a QB with their 1st rd pick.

I agree! Birkett isn’t the click-bait type of guy. He’s straight up honest and to the point. Now, I could see Meineke over at Mlive doing such a tactic

Generally when talk like this starts surfacing from people like Birkett then it’s being leaked by the team or the players agent in an effort to push the narrative.

Being how were without a GM right now I’d tend to think Matt’s agent is pushing this story. Meaning Matt probably wants out of DET. Which makes some sense since it appears Golladay does to.


Make sense Air now that I’ve thought about it!!

I’ll wait for the Stafford presser when he says he’s done.

I would hate for this to happen… it always seems just as Stafford really gets rolling, some unfortunate event happens that derails him. Just bad luck I suppose.

Had he stayed in the game yesterday, the lions would’ve had a chance to tie or win.

I hope he’s not done as a Lion at least for another year

How? After he came out the Lions kicked a FG and never got the ball back.

Well, ok so had the Marvin Jones catch counted, which it should’ve, a TD there… totally different game

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If Stafford doesn’t play this Sunday, after his x-rays were negative, it’s a good indicator that this is the case.

If he’s just really sore, but nothing structurally is wrong, and he doesn’t play? I’ll take that as shutting it down in Detroit. At least for the season, until he sees what the new regime thinks.

If he’s not retiring from football, why would he hold a presser? Did he hold a presser last year when he didn’t finish the season?

It will just be a coach’s announcement. And Bevell on Monday said he’ll be an end-of-the-week evaluation and decision.

Spiel, this comment was made to The Free Press article “That you’ve seen the last snap Matthew Stafford will…”
I said he will be back for the remainder of our games and be our QB next season to-but- people here was saying how the Author of the Freep comments wasnt just blowing smoke. THEN I commented “I will believe Stafford is done for good when he holds a presser and announces he is hanging it up…”