Friday Practice 27 Sept

Daniels isn’t practicing at all this week.

Hand and Slay are practicing, but limited. I don’t expect Hand to play but Slay is possible. 50/50?

Melvin is also practicing and limited too, I’m guessing he does play if his knee doesn’t flare up on him.

Amendola is a question mark, a true game time decision as far as we know. He may already be a no-go and they aren’t telling us.

Game Designations come out later this afternoon, I expect to see Daniels OUT and the others Questionable.


FYI, report is that Had is practicing without an elbow brace. This is in the 20 minutes that the beat-writers get to observe. I wouldn’t bet that he’ll play against KC, nor Slay and Amendola either. Game time decisions maybe.