From Playmakers: NFL general counsel Jeff Pash ordered expungement of 2015 air-pressure measurements

Oopsie. Nothing to see here.

Now that I’ve deleted all the evidence.

Must protect this Shield.

I had to post this one. It’s just stupid by the league.

Admit you were wrong and move on.

A 5 yr old could prove this with a ballon and a freezer. Anyone with a pseudo open mind knew it was BS.

We’d always believed the Patriots and Brady got screwed. While something fishy was indeed happening, based on the text messages exchanged by John Jastremski and Jim McNally, the NFL failed to catch them in the act. The NFL failed to catch them in the act because the measurements made at halftime of the Colts-Patriots game were not out of line with what they should have been.

I always believed they got screwed too.

The NFL knew they were wrong but they wanted to slow the juggernaut the Patriots had become for the good of the NFL. Fans were tired of seeing them in the Super Bowl every year.

I kinda expected Brady to go after the NFL after he retired to help clear his name on this one. Mainly for HofF implications.

So the NFL has now cleared the data that proved Brady didn’t cheat? …… yeah I don’t think that puts the NFL in good light.

If I were Brady I’d ask for a written apology or I’d sue claiming the allegations cost me millions in endorsements.