From the Chargers point of view--this sounds familiar

Like their fans, the Chargers understand they blew it

To a man, the Chargers sugarcoated nothing in the aftermath, stating exactly what everyone saw Sunday - a team that gave away an NFL game, the NFL being a league in which giving away anything hurts. “We just had one of those games where it just felt like nothing was going right,” center Mike Pouncey said. “The best thing about it is that everybody can correct themselves. We’ll all get on the plane and we’ll watch the film of this game, and it’s going to sting the whole way home. I know that because we let this game get away from us. We had this game.” Said linebacker Thomas Davis: “Games in this league are usually won and lost in the last four or five minutes. We have to do a much better job of executing in those situations. I believe in my heart that we’re going to do that.”

Sounds like Lions week 1.


This is pretty much the sentiment from everyone I’ve read on the subject. The Lions did not win a football game, the Chargers lost one. And while I understand the concept, I have to disagree. This was a messy football game and the Lions were the ones that happen to come out on top. It wasn’t a game where one team clearly outplayed the other one or deserved the win that much more than the other team.


You’re right about the perception. power rankings has the Lions at No. 20–one spot behind the 0-2 Steelers, who lost their QB. Despite a team that was 12-4 last season, an expected playoff contender, and favored to win, the Lions win over the Chargers didn’t generate much optimism.

  1. Detroit Lions (1-0-1)

The Lions came away with a win against the beat-up Chargers in Week 2 but still didn’t look all that impressive in the process. That said, Detroit could easily be 2-0 had they closed the deal in Week 1 against the Cardinals.

Also at No. 20 at ESPN:

Of course, if the Lions beat the Eagles on the road, the national perception should change.

One of the first things I usually see about this game is how the Chargers missed 2 FGs and they would’ve won otherwise; they seem to conveniently forget the Lions missed a FG and extra point.

Correct. Said it after the game. Its easy to blame the backup kicker for missing two FG’s, but if you give them those FG’s, you have to give Prater his FG and XP, and the game is 17-16 and we still win. Lions scored 2 td’s, LA scored 1. Thats your ballgame


What’s funny is, I was very pessimistic at the beginning of the game. I’m much more optimistic about the season, now.
I was very impressed with how the oline held up to the Chargers constant pressure. In particular, how Crosby played. If the line continues to improve, this could be a very good offense.
Now, the Dline? Rather disappointing. I really think they’re the reason we’re not 2-0.


There is so much that is so very wrong with this list. It honestly makes me feel better about Detroit’s playoff chances. Packers @6? Really? I think we will sweep GB, this year. I believe our division is completely up for grabs. Literally each team has a 25% chance to win the division. I don’t ever remember thinking that before.

We will need our DL to step up through, that’s for damn sure.

While I thought the stats favored them, I completely agree with you. Sloppy, sloppy mess of a game.

To me, it gives reason for optimism. We have so much that we can clean up, and I think we are.

  1. the last offensive play of the game. That was a mistake we made in the first game that got corrected in the 2nd one.
  2. Replacing Agnew.
  3. Intentionally using Hock as “the blocker,” while targeting James. Coaches are mixing it up and doing different things to confuse Defenses.
    We are learning, and we are getting better. I like seeing them fix mistakes and clean things up. Hoping Crosby outperforms expectations and is what our coaches initially thought he could be. Maybe Decker comes back on the right? Crosby shifts to left (outplays Wagner?)

Lots of questions still to be answered, but lots of good signs moving forward.

Both teams played like crap for the first 50 or so minutes. The Lions made 2 huge plays late that decided the game. It wasn’t an inspiring win, but Stafford, Golladay, and Slay came up big when we needed them to.

What people call playing like crap is really just competitive football. I thought the Lions outplayed them in the first half, but didn’t get credit due to the missed kicks and the snafu by Diggs. In the 2nd half they had chances to jump on us, but a couple weak penalties and a costly fumble hurt them. Stafford came up big and Rivers wasn’t able to
. That was really the difference in the end.

We need to set our sights on The Eagles and stay focused there not worry because we happened to win last week. We have to WIN this football game, that might make people set up and say “well look here at the Lions.” if we lose it’s going to be a bad week about how we are : “The SOL.” , “Chargers game was a fluke of a win.” , “we still suck.” “Fire Patricia…Fire Quinn…and Stafford sucks.” topics . followed by: “if we do this one thing…we win.” for a week. so the team IS aiming at their next opponent NOW, and so should we. Eagles should be on our thoughts and minds.