Frustrated, BUT

We are better and getting even better.
All teams have numerous injuries this time of year, but we have JAMO coming to us! We have most of our line coming back, we have Okuduh coming back.
9-8, will it be enough to get in?


It wouldn’t surprise me to see them win out.


There has been improvement all year long even in the losses and DC never lost this team, not even close to it.


I said it earlier in the week. A month ago if you had said we would go 3-3 to finish out the season it would have been seen as solid, but now it would be an anti climax of sorts.

At the very least we need to get 4 wins and 8 on the year. Another draft of the same calibre by Brad as 2021 and 2022 and it is on!


Color me irritated, could have won this game with better play calls at the end.

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I’m encouraged that I can at least talk myself into this brain trust deserving another year. That’s a win by me because at 1-6 I was out personally. Still too many errors on the game day, and the miscommunication in the secondary was bad all game long (again).

Overall I’m encouraged finally - but you’ve gotta go find another DC after the season. Have too.


Also, the Bryant roughing the passer call was vintage SOL…point is, the last 5 mins of the game was rife with vintage SOL, even if the game was close. SOL is SOL until it’s not.

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Such an awful play. That and the badly missed 29 yarder were thetwo uber Lionsy plays.


Lets not forget playing “Statue of Liberty” in the endzone.

Yeah. The Safety was a bad play by Goff. Probably a dumb play call too.

Someone with a positive take… And yes I think we can win 7 or 8 games still.

Showtime Thank You GIF by Desus & Mero


They could. We will see.

I’m with @Nate . With some guys coming back, I can see them running the table. A lot of blue kool-aid in that statement, but they are clearly better than last year and someone mentioned earlier that if you look at the playoff graphic right now, Detroit has played 7 of who is in and 3 who are still in the bubble in 10 of 11 games.


You are more of a SOL lions fan then this team is SOL


The improvement in the defense since Campbell fired Pleasant is night and day.
Whether it was all Aubrey or just a wake-up call, things have changed. Anybody doesn’t see that doesn’t want to.


In the last 4 weeks, Kerby has 3 ints, Hutch has 2, Houston has 2 sacks in 1st game, Rodrigo is making plays. The Rookies are really showing improvement on defense. Great sign.