Fulgham back—on PS—Herron released

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#Lions have signed free agent WR Travis Fulgham to the practice squad. In addition, the team announced that they have released DT Frank Herron from the practice squad.

No surprise there, if Fulgham cleared waivers he was coming back. I still think the Lions should sign or draft a good slot receiver next year, if not this year. Not sure anybody on the roster now is good enough.

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Has this always been a revolving door? Don’t ever recall so many swaps.

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I was saying the same thing. Never seen such a revolving door on the practice squad–the Lions or anyone else’s.

Good to see him back. He’s a nice big target that can win those 50:50 balls.

Wise I agree, we need a quick slot guy that can move the chains. I also feel like we’ve needed a 4.3 burner on the outside for decades. It’s a shame we don’t have a guy that can stretch the D vertically.

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I don’t think so
I think it’s healthy
Keeps PS players on their toes
I think you want PS guys fully dialed in to improve and be viable players if needed

I think MP uses his PS based on upcoming opponent - something most teams don’t do. He brought up Kennedy because of his speed. He wants to match speed for speed on special teams. Really nice to see a coach put so much thought into every aspect of the game.

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We had a lot of movement on our PS and bottom 53 last year too.

I think we’re looking for better WR depth. Expect more movement until someone steps up or we trade for one.