Full team loss

I see a lot of finger pointing at specific groups, but let’s be honest, this was a full team loss plus some bad luck on top of it.

Really vital TOs on offense.

Inconsistent decision making by Dan, aggressive then conservative at bad times.

Zero pass tush against a juicy matchups agaibst backups.

Injuries to key starters seemingly every other play.

Ticky tack penalties on our defenders but allowing a headlock on Hutch at a key time.

Raymond getting blasted and losing yards on special teams.

AG putting guys in bad position playing 15 yards off receivers.

O-line playing a C level game.

All around shitshow today with lots of blame to go around. With as bad as we played, a few minor differences and this game is possibly a win…


Nobody on this team was prepared, from Dan down.
That’s coaching.


Good post. It was a sloppy Joe performance.

Coach Campbell talks about playing “complimentary football” - We didn’t do that on either side of the ball.