Funny Campbell comments on Josh Reynolds

Dave Birkett




Dan Campbell on Josh Reynolds: “He’s slippery man. I call him the praying mantis. He’s the spider of death. There’s something about him. Fricking serpent.”


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Right → I’ve heard of spirit animals, but geez…

Reynolds responds lol

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See the energetic reaction and authentic smile as soon as they mention Dan’s name? These guys are in…fucking…love…with their coach. This is way more than “professionalism.” The brotherhood is DEEEEEEP. It matters. Ppl will be wanting to play here and taking team friendly deals to not only be part of a winner, but to have as much fun as we have in Detroit!

Who ever heard of players coming and loving on the GM of a team?
Office LineBacker hired himself. So much love from ownership on down to the Coaches assistants…from HC to the players and everything in between.

This is a winner.


Signing Josh Reynolds has always made TOO much sense. Its still weird that we didn’t do it during the 2021 offseason. But I am going to count my blessings that he was available to correct the mistake.

Adding to his connection to Goff he’s also a Texas kid who went to Texas A&M…just like Dan Campbell and Aaron Glenn.

And even when he was with the Rams, he was dressing like a Detroit Lion!


Pretty soon Campbell may be referring to Reynolds as the “Bugman” or the “Snake”…No offense to Ken, All-Time GREAT Raider HOF QB !!!..

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1 arachnid , 1 insect , and a reptile.

George Thorogood rejected song?


right? wouldn’t this be a better description of Trinity?

Name is already taken…:wink:

Man, I love our head coach! He’s already brought us gems like “Pajama Season” and “Twinkle Toes” (For 325lb Alim McNeil). Dan is a down-to-earth, passionate, football-lovin’, smarter-than-you think dude!

Don’t forget Plummer.

Blue Mamba?