Funny stuff! I think you guys'll dig it!

A friend of mine made this.


Is your friend single? :grin:

She certainly reads this forum.

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This seems unlikely. I doubt anyone who posts regularly on this board has any friends, let alone female ones.


Yep…but she forgot about the Wolves taking-over the metro area!



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Nope. Very un-single. She’s a really neat and authentic person to friend with, though.

LOL. Her and her dude actually will likely be creating accounts here soon. They’re huge Lions Junkies. They didn’t even know about this site, until I told them, today. I thought it was funny how closely this paralleled a post I made here a few days ago.

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Nice. This sounds like the conversations from here.

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Well, it’s obvious he’s all wrong for her :joy:

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That is absolutely spot-on! That was simply a joy to watch and I needed to chuckle

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LOL. That’s funny stuff, brother!

Hope she comes in and reads the comments. if not, I’ll tell her. :pray::pray:

well to put this in perspective, I said that wolf packs were spotted in Emmet County Michigan 5 (years) ago, essentially Cheboygan Michigan. In a car, it takes roughly 3 hours to drive from Saginaw to Cheboygan in a day…ONE day. yet it was reported that five years ago wolves were reported by locals and the Michigan DNR then. now I’m no math expert but I’d guess that wolves can quite easily be as far south as Saginaw now , not a big stretch. but they tend to stay away from man and have a very quick escape rout to the woods. I said that 'I ’ thought that by 30 years at a total guess, they could be all through the state and as far south as Detroit. NOT that they would be “taking over the city” but COULD be reported that far south.
they are ambush predators and take advantage of easy meals such as our pets and livestock , they will hunt our deer , and other wildlife but I have no doubt they will scrounge around for trash and that to. just like coyotes, we will see an issue with wolves at some point.

It’ll be strange, if they open hunting season on them. I am so clueless, I thought they were endangered. Now they’re running through the streets of Detroit like on I Am Legend.

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They did have a hunting season for them until our great politicians down In Lansing took it away. They aren’t a big problem south of the bridge, but a major pain in the ass North of the bridge. When I first moved to the U.P. 5 years ago we were living in a tiny little place in the woods south of Escanaba and they would come through our yard several times a week. Always had to watch out for your kids & dogs. Our neighbor “ameliorated” the situation. But they have been known to pick off live stock as well. I work in town at the local hospital and there was one that was hit by a car out front a few years back. They don’t really have a fear of man, and therein lies the problem.

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Holy crap! I wouldn’t want any part of that shit!

You just have to play it smart if you’re in a location that they frequently visit. They will follow their food source. Which around here is the deer. We moved into the “city” now, if that’s what you’d call it. And haven’t had any issues…other then the herds of deer that roam through from time to time to eat all my hostas every year…those sobs

They for damn sure run through the streets of Cheyboygan…me and my partner saw 2 chasing a deer southbound on US23 there at 3am Seven Years Ago.

they were 20 feet away from our cars we were sitting in while on a job. Deer comes hauling ass outta the fog down the Centerline, then a couple seconds later, 2 wolves. For sure wolves, as they were the same size as my brother’s giant Alaskan Malamute, who is 130#…

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Daaaaamn! Are real fur coats about to make a comeback? Sounds like it could be eventually dangerous to humans.

Pretty funny, but I definitely agree with the dude with the funny looking beard.

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