FYI: Lions vs GB on NFL Network at 1pm

Think this one turns out ok.

Thank you. Didn’t really feel like watching drag racing. It’s 92 out so outside isn’t an option.

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Can you imagine if Kerby hadn’t dropped the one and had another called back? That would be six by one player on another player in a single season. That would have to be some kind of record.

I looked, couldn’t find it, but did come across this gem. Jim Hardy holds the record for most INT thrown in a game at 8.

Seven QBs have thrown 7.

Last time it was done? You guessed it. 2001 - Ty Detmer - Detroit Lions.

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Not to brutal here in NE GA today.
Will sit on the deck with Lions on the laptop, book on the kindle and a beer.

One of my earliest Lions memories. I was 11 when that happened. I only got to watch Football and Baseball when I was at my Grandpa’s back then. The swimmer donater didn’t like sports.

Analzone with a big stop on 4th and 1.

Couldn’t catch the end. Did we win?

No, Seattle did

Payback Sept 17th.