Game Day...or is it Lame Day?

This should be over after the first ten minutes.
It’s a sunny day in Denver. Time for outdoor chores I guess after I watch one quarter of this game.

This is gonna be brutal.

Lol, Rams beg for a flag and get it late.

Playing a little cowboys from hell on the way to a commercial break? Love it :joy:

Weak call… Good defense so far

Weird how Ziggy plays every game now that the Lions have been eliminated.
Almost like management had a different plan for this season.

Jesus Donald is amazing.

Made the Lions look like rag dolls.

Meh. He’s no Eric Ebron.


Awful playcall though. 2nd and 10, run it at Donald…w Ragnow singled up. Then Ragnow holds Donald next play…

That Ragnow hold was about a suspect as Slay’s PI…gonna be a long afternoon methinks.

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Yeah, that looked like a very weak “hold”.

Lol and no hold call on that play?

Tired of official’s bias. A penalty is a penalty, regardless of record.

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Take note JBC…misdirection.

Ford looks like everything Tabor isn’t.

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Ford certainly has earned the right to stick around next season. Tabor, not so much. Maybe he can convert to LB?

Tabor maybe can go the Diggs route but tell me what hebdoes that is actually good? Diggs we knew hit hard and recignized well…

Ford needs to wrap, oh wait, he’s a fast learner.