Game Designations for the Chargers game

Davis, Decker, and Hand are questionable, Melvin is good to go

I think Decker plays and Hand doesn’t, but Davis is 50/50 IMHO.


The Chargers designations are as follows.
Hunter Henry

Michael Davis

Michael Badgley
Jatavis Brown
Geremy Davis
Denzel Perryman
Isaac Rochell
Roderic Teamer
Mike Williams

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I hope they have a short leash on Decker if his back is bothering him.


Ditto, he was brutal last week.

Is Crosby the next man up in that situation?

If he is we might as well hold a service for Stafford’s career. The way he played in preseason was uninspiring.

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I noticed Keenan Allen was wearing a hoodie under his pads last week. Does he normally do that? Why? It was probably 85 degrees in SD during last week’s game.

It’s so easy to make the mistakes of still associating the Chargers with San Diego :slight_smile: I’ve caught myself doing the same thing and chuckled each time one of the talking heads on TV mess up and call them the San Diego Chargers Instead of the Los Angeles Chargers. But the point regarding the temperature is just as valid. I made a quick Google search and apparently yes he does in fact wear the hoodie all the time during games

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Chargers will always be SD in my mind. Kind of like it will always be “Pine Knob”, never DTE.


Ah yes, that’s right. Meant LA. Whoops

I can’t shake it, particularly since I’ve been there to the stadium. Ugh. I’m wondering if the LA title will slowly make its way into my brain once they finally move into their new stadium (as tenants, of course). Its hard to take them seriously as LA when they play in a 27,000 seat stadium and their star QB drives back to San Diego after every practice. Plus, when I went to LA and we visited some family in SD…it was only an hour and a half drive.

I still say “The Phoenix Coyotes.”

The only reason I stopped with the Chargers is my wife quit being a fan after they moved.

Bet we see more of JJ to help him out, if it’s a back issue. A dual TE set may be the best against the Bolts.