Game Manager

What is a game manager to you?
Who are some examples of game managers in NFL (in your eyes)?
What is the time/situation, if any, to be a game manager?

I feel Game manager happens in levels and layers…it’s not a light switch…it’s a dimmer switch…it has layers of gray scale.

I’ve never really thought too much about it, but defaulted to thinking “game managers” are ppl who have coaches putting the cuffs on them, for fear of turnovers…most often in situations where they feel they can with with run game and defense.

I feel like the opposite of game manager is gunslinger.

While all QBs have some attacking gunslinger to them, and all have some game manager to them, what constitutes game manager to you?

Obviously, I am curious what you think about Goff as a game manager/not a game manager.

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a game manager is Goff in your eyes?

  • 10-30% (He is a high level attacking QB)
  • 30-40%(has some cautious attacking to him)
  • 40-60% (He’s very cautious, but he’s got some gunslinger to him as well)
  • 60-80% (He’s scared to make turnovers, but will attack if forced to/situational)
  • 80+% This dude is a total chickenshit who will only throw deep if the coach forces him to

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I think a lot of this can be subjective, and can change based on how comfortable a qB becomes

REQUIRES they have faith in their OL.
Fear levels play into it.
“screw you” energy comes into it
determined relentlessness comes into it…which can be from one play to the next OR within one play itself

…so much semantics…so much to consider. LOL.

Everything I’m seeing is that Goff plays within the offense.

When the offense is calling for short stuff, that’s what he does. When offense is calling for chunk yards and deep stuff, he does that. He’s shown he can do it all pretty well.

He’s not an improviser. He’s not a backyard quarterback like Stafford or Murray, where the play can essentially be, “Everybody get open… BREAK!”. He’s not going to figure it out on the fly if guys aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

I don’t feel that this is all that big of a drawback. I don’t think it’s too big of an ask to have your offensive coordinator draw up an effective gameplan and be able to pivot when necessary.

Goff is not a “game manager” in any sense. Not being a loose cannon gambler doesn’t make a quarterback a game manager.


Great perspective, man! Thanks!

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The opposite of a game manager is a play-maker. So, a gunslinger would definitely not be a game manager, but neither would a mobile QB who extends plays. Also, a cerebral QB like Peyton Manning, while neither a gunslinger nor mobile, can pick a defense apart by his own instinct/knowledge/awareness, something a game manager cannot.


Joe Montana laid out the perfect gameplan for every quarterback. Manage the game, take what the defense gives you and when you have a chance for a big play don’t miss it.


All QBs are game managers. The greatest or the worst QBs of all time. Still game managers. Only other player to touch the ball every down is the center. It’s all about the skill in which the manage the game.

It’s their job to run the office. Do what’s necessary for the team. Be it take the check down or take a wild ass chance that no one expects to be completed.

The best will be successful way more than they fail. The worst will just fail.


Goff isn’t a gun-slinger like we’ve been used to.
He doesn’t have a cannon arm but can make all the throws.
He is a classic pocket passing QB IMO and there is nothing wrong with that.
He reminds me of Brad Johnson


That doesn’t work for every quarterback. While I appreciate one of the GOATS, his situation was different. If you put prime Joe on the 2022 Bears and he follows that advice…he is competing for a top 10 pick. Aaron Rodgers has made an entire career in Green Bay by being able to rise above what the defense gives him. That team would also be competing for a top 10 pick most years if he did it a different way. I like the idea of “you can’t go broke taking a profit.” But if all you do is take what the defense gives you, you are literally playing their game because they are giving it to you for a reason. And not everybody has Jerry Rice to take a slant 50 yards for a TD or Roger Craig to turn a swing pass into an explosive offensive play. Or a defense to hold opponents to manageable scores to sort it all out and still win.

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Amon Ra and Swifty say hi.

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