Game Night Thread - Giants vs. Commanders

Lets go Commanders or tie.


Is that the calculus concensus, we want WSH and not NYG?

I thought it may be the other way around given NYGs harder schedule and suckier team

Best part of this game is one of them has to lose or tie.

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I think the Giants are more likely to lose two more given the schedule (to give the Lions a shot to get in at 9-8) and them playing generally shittier than the Commanders although the Eagles might rest some guys in the last game so who knows.


So we only need to pass 2 of WAS, NYG, and SEA to get in. One of the other teams can make it.

Given the schedules, it seems NYG and SEA have the best chances at finishing with 8 wins. That means we need to root against them at every turn. One of the three can win as long as the other two lose. If we theoretically went 2-0 the next 2 games, the Seahawks lose their next 2, and the Giants lose their next 2 (including tonight), we would clinch a spot week 18 with a win or a Giants loss in Philadelphia.


I don’t think Seattle wins 3 games to get to 10 wins, they lose either KC or the Jets beat them
Giants lose tonight, they would have to win the remaining 3 games to get 10 wins, no way they do that
Wash lose tonight, they would have to win the remaining 3 games to get 10 wins, no way they do that
We win out we are in


We’re totally in if we win out. I’m trying to set up the scenario where we lose one and we’re still able to get in.

We really would’ve needed a miracle if we lost today though.

So we need a tie


Gets way tougher if we lose 1, that would mean Seattle has to lose 2 of last 3 if Wash wins tonight because I don’t see Wash losing the last 3, but they could. Giants lose then they could easily end up 8-9

Yeah, pretty much. If the Lions win out, two of NYG, Washington and Seattle will have to sweep the rest of their schedule to keep them out. Can’t see that happening.

Like you, I’m more looking for a path in at 9-8 because as well as the Lions have been playing, it’s going to tough to win all 3 with 2 on the road.

I think they showed Washington with a 38% chance with a loss tonight and NY with a 31% chance with a loss.

Anything but a tie I guess?

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Rooting for teams to lose so we can improve our chances at playoffs is quite a bit nicer than rooting for teams to win just so we can improve our draft position. Oh wait……we can do that too.


For me - commanders need to win so we stay alive one more week for the fifth seed…

And we beat the Panthers Sunday!

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For our draft pick, not the rams, we are now officially eliminated from the top two draft picks…. Crazy

I need get historical and find out when was the last time the Lions were NOT in the running for the top two picks with only 2/3 weeks to go :crazy_face:

Thibs is having his best game of the year


How about that, eh? Big league play.

Thibs has been playing a lot better the last few weeks, the breakout game was inevitable.

Primetime game and Thibs decides to show up? Where is the shocked face emoji when you need it? Not the kind of player I want.

WOW, this game is…exciting?

Heads up everyone: We play on Saturday next week.

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