Game over view and

Excellent game plan, Just not enough talent left on the roster. When they had to step on the pedal to try to score the motor started showing why they didn’t do it before. Missing on a couple cylinders and the occasional puff of smoke. However I like what I see with this new coach.


Yep, just ran out of talent entering turn 4.

I disagree, we shot ourselves in the foot more times than I can’t count. Donald wrecked the 2nd half single handedly, but they should’ve been playing from behind, not us.

Agree on all points

The loss doesn’t hurt our draft position. It was an exciting game.

One of the better games we played this year. If KJ would have been healthy i think we might have stole it. He would have had a big game. Excited that our guys haven’t quit.

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We fired Caldwell because the team was more talented than 9-7.
What should we do when the game plan runs out of talent, especially given that we traded away a key talent that surely would have helped given the injury depletion?
What’s good for the goose…


I always thought Caldwell got his teams to over achieve. I never agreed we were more talented than 9-7. I think Caldwell had a 6-8 win team sniffing the playoffs

We ditched Caldwell because he wasnt a great game manager, always looked fairly dispassionate but more importantly wasn’t homeys with our new GM

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I liked jim and would have been fine keeping him. Could he take it to the next level, obviously, he did it before with other peoples players. I think what Patricia brings is the difference maker. This team had no business being 3 points from the Rams well into the 4th qt. But I think Patricia knows his business. I think there were several vets not buying into the work harder then everyone else mantra and you will win more games. Once that started the team got much better, but talent went south with injuries and trades. I think with the addition of better coaches (which didn’t happen last year due to league rules you can’t hire a coach still in the playoffs so the better coaches got gobbled up) and some better players up and down the roster, wins will start becoming a regular deal here. At least I hope.