Game thread disappeared?

What happened to it?

Guess one of the mods felt it was too salty

Reached terminal over load and self destructed.


Nate was unhappy

Game over?

So the game thread must be deleted?

Is that a new thing now?

No idea.

New fancy technology … it’s gotta be somewhere around here … KEEP LOOKING!

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It was auto deleted. There was a message on my last post that it had hit like 500 responses or something and was locked. Not kidding this time.

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I like this answer best

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That’s the Den of old LOL
That’s why many move on.

It actually said it locked itself automatically after 500 replies, but it had well over 600, so IDK.

As of now, the system locked it automatically.

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Found it.

System shuts it down after it gets over 500 or something. Dumb. Anyway, carry on.