Gameball goalpost

Playoff Edition:



Un-fricken-believable!!! that 4th quarter was like something written out of a Hollywood script!

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Shitballs! When did we trade them? Stupid Quinn. Should have kept them.

What’d we get? A conditional 6th/7th?

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Made my day, gotta love the doink


As a fan, I wanted to see good football first. That was good stuff.

As a Lions fan, I wanted to see Chicago win (gawd that sounds weird).

I couldn’t believe he missed that for the win. The city of Chicago HATES that dude, right now.

to paraphrase so many bears fans over the years when they talk about our lions:

“should have played better so you didn’t have to rely on a field goal to win the game”

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Not understanding the hate for the kicker. First of all, it was partially blocked. Secondly, when is a 43-yard field goal outdoors a gimme? Yeah, it sucks, but maybe their defense shouldn’t have let Foles/Tate score with under a minute remaining. #justsaying.

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Best part about that FG is that a dude in the room said “Icing the kicker never works”.

Yahhh ha ha.

Right and agreed. It was partially tipped.

The Bears got what they deserve by trying to win in week 17 in a game they knew was meaningless by halftime. I will never be convinced that the Vikings would have gone into Chicago and won that game.