Gameday: colts vs viqueens… lets go colts!

I live in indy so the colts are my 2nd team so those around here don’t understand the suck to get a pick this time of yr… they are all mad the colts are not in playoffs and you can get tickets cheap. So on one hand i want the colts to win to keep division title hopes alive for the lions… on other hand colts need a qb… well my blood drips blue… but its lions blue… come on colts win this!
Who else is watching the game?

What station is it on?

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NFL network

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I wish the Colts had a true Head Coach.

Wonder if taylor got hurt on that run. Moss has been in since. Colts need to score a td. Put pressure on the queen’s early

Nice to have Burleson on the broadcast…

He is certainly easier to listen to than the average dweebs on Fox.


No talk about Taylor but he hasnt been in since that 2nd at 12 run

Big game for the Colts coach: Saturday’s Saturday!

Colts have a solid defense. They set up good matching up vs queens. They get some pressure on cousins and they can win this game.

Lol 10-0 colts

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Punt block TD!

Pretty quiet in that stadium.

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Lol this is awesome…imagine Minny losing out and the Lions winning out…:eggplant:


Jojo Domann making @CuriousHusker a happy guy!

adam sandler shut up GIF

Losing out is OUR thing. They are trying to steal OUR thing!!!

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They can have it and it infect them for decades to come!

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Fun watching queen implode. Can see an int coming soon. Make queens a pass only offense and cousins will get sacked by colts d. They got gilmore to take away jefferson.

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its happening the office GIF



Colts 5:49

Minny :49 seconds