GBN article on 2023 QB draft class

2023 QBs on parade … When all is said and down, arguably the top storyline to come out of the 2022 draft was the how poorly this year’s QB class fared. In the end, only one QB – Kenny Pickett by Pittsburgh – was selected in the opening round and he was only the 20th player taken, while other potential first rounders like Malik Willis, Desmond Ridder and Matt Corral weren’t chosen until deep into the third round. And while nobody around the league would come out and say it out loud, one of the primary reasons appears to be that teams were prepared to wait until next year when the QB class is expected to be much deeper and more talented. Of course, a lot can change between now and next April, but the early rankings have Bryce Young of Alabama and Ohio State’s CJ Stroud among the top 2-3 prospects for next year’s draft with Tyler Van Dyke not that far behind. For those that haven’t seen it today’s Houston Chronicle has a nice rundown on the top half dozen QB candidates for 2023 including those three guys, along with Tanner McKee of Stanford, Florida’s Anthony Richardson and Will Levis of Kentucky. However, even those guys are just the tip of the iceberg of what looks to be a very deep class which also includes (in no particular order) Spencer Rattler, now of South Carolina who was the consensus #1 prospect for the 2022 draft at this time last year, Phil Jurkovec of Boston College, Brennan Armstrong of Virginia, Mississippi State’s Will Rogers, Sam Hartman of Wake Forest, Jaren Hall of BYU, Clemson’s CJ Ulagalelei, Kedon Slovis, now at Pittsburgh, JT Daniels, now at West Virginia, Grayson McCall of Coastal Carolina, Dillon Gabriel, now at Oklahoma, Jayden Daniels, now at LSU, and Cameron Ward, now of Washington State. If nothing else it promises to be a fascinating college football season!


Yeah, this is what we’ve been saying on that other thread, the 2023 class is gonna be at least good as a baseline and has the potential to be very good, even elite. It’s a good class for finding a QB for sure. And scouting QBs during the college season makes the games more fun to watch.


I would agree that 2023 on paper surely looks better, much, much better….

I think Howells drop in effectiveness this year was tied to the lack of talent around him, and thus the team regressed to 6 wins…. Not being able to carry a college team in a weaker conference was likely a red flag for a bad NFL football team needing an elite QB to “elevate” a bad team??

Pickett surely had a great 2021, but he was 24… how many other college QBs get to the play against mainly against kids 3-6 years younger in physical and mental development. Add that to the small hands, and previous 3-4 years of bad td/int ratios.

Corral- this is still the biggest wild card to me. He kind of feels like the love child of Manziel and Baker…

M Willis- I could be wrong but I see a QB who ran like a RB and attacked defenders embracing contact. He’s got a gun, but I also see bad reads and horribly off target throws at time

The one?

Ridder- prototype size. Elite speed for QB. Above average arm. Most impressively he had just 5 losses and just 28 ints in FOUR YEARS…. He elevated a 4-8 loss team to back to back 1 loss teams and a BCS birth! HE COULD BE INTERESTING? This could end up the Russ Wilson like pick?


I would say that well in advance here are my projections for 23 class-

  1. If B Young doesn’t duplicate his bananas 2022 season- the reality of his 5’10 ish 185 pound frame will become relevant the way Picketts hands, Hutch’s arms, or Thinz interests did.

  2. If Stroud doesn’t process defenses a bit better in 2022, that will come into question. Fair or not, the success or struggles of Fields will also be a factor. After 5-6 straight dominant OSU QBs, and potentially that same number not transitioning to the NFL- it will at least be questioned. Fields #s, his arm, his legs, his frame were all elite- but he fell to #12. If he wins 6-7 games and has an 85 plus rating this year, that will bode well for Stroud- regardless of whether it’s fair.

  • how many air raid style QBs were passed on or ignored based on being “system” guys. Right now OSU is a college football QB factory- it’s a matter of when that success transitions.

Levis could duplicate a 27 TD and 12 int type season and it will limit his appeal as a franchise QB in my opinion.

Van Dyke turned around Miami quick- if he can lead a 10-2 type team with 40 tds- he could really jump into the convo-

DJ U- had more ints than TDs

Right now guys are throwing out names of QBs who had a nice year last year, or potential like Richardson- with no production.


It will be interesting to see if any of those previously hyped guys that transferred end up making noise next year.

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If Dak Prescott can make it in the NFL, I think Hendon Hooker should be mentioned in the 2023 QB class too:

Watch his 2020 tape, not the same guy. I was totally against taking Willis, glad we didn’t, but he didn’t regress his 2021 season, he just had a worse team. I still think he could be the guy, but not today,tomorrow or this year. I still think he’s the best QB from this class, I just don’t think this class was worth the pick that it would have taken from us to get him.


He’ll be 25 years old on draft day.

looks like Paschal had the attention of the UT line.


Can Bo Nix finally play up to his talent value? Can JT Daniels stay healthy? If the answer to either one is yes then they’re pretty likely to move way up.

No they can’t

You are likely to be proven correct. There will be at least one guy thar moves way up from obscurity. Tends to go down that way. :man_shrugging:

I didn’t know that, but using a conversion factor that’s 16 in QB years…

Yeah… 25yo QB doesn’t even move the needle for me.

I think that more so gets held against a guy relative to his projection rather than a duration of career expectancy point of view.

Good for us then? We won’t be picking at #2 next year.

I hope Goff makes this and related threads moot. But in the meantime…

I think Will Levis is the QB that will rise up draft boards. He is big, Mobile, and has a big arm.

I think he’s already in that late first-ish area. I could definitely see him being a top 15 level prospect.

Lol. You young man did indeed. I was thinking of a comp for Paschal. He’s not really like Freeney because Freeney was a pure speed edge guy with some ballast. He’s not like Dumerville either because JP seems to have quite a lot more juice in his drawers. Elvis could never have played inside. Justin Houston? I’ve heard Trey Flowers, just don’t like that comp. Struggling to find a guy that feels like a fit.


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