George Kittle on why Kyle Shanahan calls plays he knows won't work

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I think the Rams “struggles” had much more to do with losses on the O line and the WR group than personnel alignment.

The Super Bowl against Patriots was a choke job by McVay, … but they also didn’t have Kupp and Gurley was broken.

Stop with the excuses, you know damn well it was Goff. :wink:


The dude can barely hit the side of a barn.

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Yeah don’t get me wrong. I think Shanahan is a top guy in the NFL. He does a great job creating mis-matches and “moving the chess pieces around”.

I just think sometimes this stuff gets a bit overblown and yet sometimes it is not LOL. But with that said, the discussion on the Manning led Colts was very interesting. So many ways to attack defenses/offenses in the NFL. Which makes the game so damn good. The execution by these teams is amazing, especially when it is done at the highest level. To be successful you need great scheme and then great execution. One without the other is useless.

BIll B. Would study his own analytics and when he saw tendencies and patterns he would design a play just to throw off the analytics and use those analytics to exploit and confuse his opponents.

Some guys are just good at the chess match.

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Man - you’re right about that. This guy dug deep from four games to put the Sewell play into perfect perspective. Thanks for the post @GermanLion

Absolutely spot on, @BigNatty. I kinda hate that we lost Chark, who made the DB cover him instead of Sewell, but it’ll be next man up.

You can bet Dan has a short list of future OC’s right now that he is watching intently. But I think there’s a small chance that BenJ just likes being OC and stays another year. Especially if we get say, one playoff win and fall short of the SB, Ben might want to see it through.

The difference is that we are running plays that HAVE worked but aren’t going back to the player that was open and caught the ball originally. Same formation, same motion, different receiver. So we are setting up the D with the hope that they have studied us enough to take the bait. Great video, I’ve seen it before, thanks for posting.

I have always loved this particular mic’d up moment. Clay Matthews knows from film study that the Panthers have been going to the wheel route to McAffrey in this formation and situation. The Panthers self scouted to realize their own tendency, and put a wrinkle into the gameplan to break McAffrey over the middle, turning it into a wide angle route. The DB allowed himself to get washed back into the endzone as he positioned himself to be able to break outside to defend the wheel route, and Christian was wide open when he broke it off for the angle route.

For those that don’t like clicking on video clips:

Clay Matthews to the Packers secondary - “Its that wheel route, its that wheel route!”
Clay Matthews to Cam Newton - “I study too.”
Cam Newton to Clay Matthews - “You study film huh? That’s cool, watch this.”

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Lions were top 10 in motion at the snap….


Yup - I can totally see him staying longer than most think he will. maybe even a few years.

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Wow! I thought we’d be much higher than 9. It all comes from my frame of reference as watching Lions coaches. LOL. It’s a new day, my brothers.

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Clay should have said I saw on film you have no interest in jumping on fumbles in the super bowl!

They didn’t have Kupp for half that season and they made the Super Bowl. Plus, they had Cooks and Woods, who both had 80 & 86 receptions and 1200+ yds

Gee, hammering the run to set up play-action.
So, Shanahan invented this?

As stated above, I could not agree with you more. I do find it all a bit much. While I do respect Shanahan and he is one of the coaches I would love to have Detroit. This idea that he is some genius is a bit much. The only genius level coaches in the NFL at the moment is Reid IMO. He has been staying on the front edge for over 20 years.

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I remember one year Andy only lost 2 games. The season opener against the Lions and the Super Bowl against the Lions.

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…Coach Dan!
His area of genius Isn’t the same a s Reid, but make no mistake about it, he is a genius as a leader of men. That is an area of intelligence. Watch us outhit KC. Watch to see if they get sick of being punched in the face every play. We have amazing football minds too & dan isn’t alone out there.

Detroit > Everybody