Get out and VOTE!

Vote for Fox

What in the ever-loving name of fuck is going on here???


Screw the bro bowl… but yeah go vote for the lions.

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Who tf is Scott Daly.


How is Cabinda fifth?! Isn’t he like one of the only FBs in the league? :rofl:


There are only 5 :joy:


I second this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Evan brown has done a quietly good job at center… crazy to think how much better our run game might look with ragnow and even possibly stenberg.

The bro bowl is a bunch of trash and is proof of nothing except popularity. There I said it! I voted for Goff!

I think he was related to chuck!

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Yeah, I had to stop and think who that was too.
It’s our long-snapper. I guess that it was ok to let Mule go now.

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Do we really have to?

This made me LOL :joy:. THANK YOU!!!

Your screen name makes me laugh too - best name on the board

Natty doesn’t drop F bombs unwarranted, and I never drop them - but on this one I agree. Who the fuck is NOT voting for him? Fans of at least 10 other teams have seen plenty of him this year…

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FS Qundre Diggs is number two in pro bowl voting.

Oh how I long to rekindle the debate with those who thought Will Harris would easily replace him.