Get rid of our Special Team Coach now

Holding on every punt return, blocked punt, missed FG, fumbles. What the hell!


It is insane how bad we are on punt returns

That said Prater missing isn’t the coaches fault. Worst case we should be tied right now

True. He needs to go. And bring Agnew with him.

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Brutal, just brutal…

And to think ST are a point of emphasis… sheesh

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so who instantly replaces John B as ST coach?

I thought Amendola did a hell of a job returning punts. Was a night and day difference from Agnew.


Central Michigan fired him. The Lions should too.

Let’s ask that new “quality” control coach we stole from that powerhouse MIA.

I see this as a possibility after two games but, as it’s already been said, who’s available right now that’s an improvement… changing to change isn’t the best imho…

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Agnew is a pro bowler two years ago and is replaced by 36 yo Amendola a game and less than a half into this season…so Lions.

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I remember Bonamego’s special teams being fairly cruddy his first go-round with the Lions, too. Am I mis-remembering?

He did

But they all got called back

Patricia gave Agnew waaay too many chances and it almost cost us another game. I’m a big MP fan but if there are not drastic changes to special teams for next game then he’s Not doing his job. Billichick would have no patience for dumb plays and players.

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He was ok. Nothing special.

But our ST is struggling across the board. That’s usually a coaching issue.

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Can’t recall his name but we had the best gunner in the nfl at that time… dude was a beast… I think we let him go…

Bonemego wasn’t good last time he was in Detroit. I still have 0 idea why we brought him back.

And the gunner I think was Don Carey

Was he the coach when they gave up back to back punt returns for tds?
The Bears, then the Vikings?
Vikes coach said he saw something on film that they were doing that left them vulnerable for it.

Yes! It was DC… when we lost him, I feel we went to shit overall on STs

Special Teams coverage has been good. I don’t think there has been a PR or KR for a TD by any team yet this season. Taking the wedge blocking out of it has really made it difficult to do so.

Welcome to the board.
This is why he was fired the first time. He must be feeling a little like Daryl Rodgers.