Giants dump Kadarius Toney to KC for *EDIT* how much? huhhh?

Looks like the MVS honeymoon suite is available in KC.

Chiefs now have a 6 shooter of We Have No Idea If This Guy Will Work to replace Tyreek.

JuJu-MVS-Hardman-Skyyyyy-Knucklehead Toney and Justin Watson

The Chiefs have acquired receiver Kadarius Toney from the Giants in exchange for a 2023 third-round pick and a 2023 sixth-round pick.


Chiefs actually gave up kinda a lot for him.


sheila broflovski hous GIF by South Park

They got a 3rd???

For the guy who told the internet to STFU dogging on his buddy Henry Ruggs for the minor transgression of driving 141 mph on a surface street, drunk off his ass, launching another car into orbit while burning it and the young woman driving it and her dog to a crisp, pinned inside, screaming as she died, while 1st responders couldnt get near the car due to the massive fireball???

That was such a knucklehead they essentially sat him out all year? When they had 4 other WR hurt?

Wow…just wow. Cheetos and Kohl’s Cash was my assumption. Dang.


The Chiefs are notorious for taking on character risk guys. Sometimes it works (Tyreek), sometimes it doesn’t (DeAndre Baker).

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For sure… Andy Reid loves his criminals, including his own son!


While he is a knucklehead, he had been hurt and that’s the reason he has been out.

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This is why we can get a 2nd or maybe even a late 1st for TJ Hockenson with a year and a half left on his rookie contract.


I wonder if they will be able to trade Kenny G? They would have to pay 80% of his salary at least, but he sure aint playing in New York.

The guy would have been a top 5-10 pick if he wasn’t such a questionable off the field guy. Wasn’t even on a lot of team’s boards

Be interesting to see if this works out or not

Terrible. Bad post.

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Umm, don’t forget this little chapter of Chiefs history.


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Why? It’s the truth.

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Man that was horrible.

He just tweeted he hasnt been hurt.

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Did they?

A 3rd round comp pick (#96-101-ish)….
and a Chiefs 6th rounder…. i.e. realllllyyyy late 6th rounder that will be about 200+….

and they still have a bunch of picks…… which could get better if a team finally hires Sleeping w/ Bienemy….


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Dat Guy is Antonio Brown with half the crazy/narcissism, one quarter the talent and one tenth the results.

Cheetohs and Kohl’s Cash was the right comp…


Are tou saying the Vikings should have made the trade??

Don’t mess with Kirk’s Kohls Cash Stash……