Giants got hosed on several calls

Picked up the flag on that 2 point conversion play. Incredible. On a better note. The Giants almost beat the Bucks. Any given Sunday (Monday in the case)

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Who were they playing against, oh that’s right nfls butt boy Brady.

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That flag pickup was the correct call.

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The flag pickup was a Joke …The correct call was made on the field PI …no replay exists …the defender arrived and hit the Giants player before the ball arrived it is pass interference every day of the week the Video is clear

Don’t blame the refs, Winfield didn’t interfere with Lewis. Jones threw a terrible pass that hit Winfield. Winfield didn’t grab or hold Lewis, he was in the path of flight of the ball. Making contact with another player is not an automatic interference. And the official who threw the flag was behind the play and all the action was in front of it.

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What ??? The Video I posted shows pass interference. If Winfield is not in the picture the ball hits the Receiver in the numbers …

Winfield being the defender that was guarding the Receiver was in the picture and doing his job,
the ball has not gotten to the Receiver yet , the defender did not turn and play the ball until after he initiated contact with the Receiver, his contact impeded the Receiver from making the catch .

The ball hit the defender in the arm in front of a receiver attempting to make a catch, but before that happens that defender hits the Receiver and makes contact …
Had he not made contact with the Giants Receiver it would have been face guarding but because he did make contact and the contact happens before the defender turns his head to look for the ball …It Is Pass Interference All Day …Everyday.


I have no dog in this hunt, but that’s PI.


Only way that’s not pass interference is if Winfield is making a play on the ball and his head is turned before he initiated the contact. That’s clearly not the case and a clear pass interference call. How good or bad the throw was is irrelevant.


The ball hit Winfield didn’t it?

Whatever, the guy got there Before the ball did. There were several others too.

I think they should have let the flag stand. Especially bc they had just called a similar one on the last drive against the Giants. It was definitely bang-bang. Personally I do think it was PI by the letter of the law. If they hadn’t thrown the flag in the first place I wouldn’t have an issue with it.

Another painful reminder of the Dallas playoff game, when:

  • Dallas interfered with Pettigrew. Flagged.

  • Refs marked the ball at the spot of the foul.

  • Jerry’s bus buddy Dean Blandino calls down and overturns the flag before Stafford gets under center. Wait, what?

I stopped watching the NFL for a couple of years after that.

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Daniel Jones looked terrible

Doesn’t matter.

I would say that the poor throw that hit the defenders arm is what prevented the receiver from making the catch.

In real time, it was bang-bang and like I said just making contact isn’t itself interference and there is no way the contact impeded the receiver since you know, it hit the defender.

Well people can argue until they are blue in the face, I am not going to die on this hill, so think what you must if it makes you feel better. I’m out.

He is terrible

When I watch that I see it as a close play but the defender was not playing the ball, he contacted the WR then turned his head around as the ball also arrived. It is a close play.

They should have let the call om the field stand.

This is simply wrong.

First of all, it being a poor throw is irrelevant as long as it’s catchable.

Second, PI’s are called all the time on underthrown balls (especially deep passes) when it simply hits the defender, again irrelevant that it hit the defender.

The fact of the matter is that Winfield didn’t make a play on the ball and made contact with Lewis before the ball arrived. It was close but this is a case of sticking with the original call. If it wasn’t called PI originally, that call should have stood too.


Sure it does …it’s the only thing that mattered …it’s what made it Pass Interference .

The responses here that the call should have stood or stand or not have been reversed are all true if they had the benefit of replay …they didn’t. The play was not reviewed . The back Ref saw the early contact and made the right call and threw his flag . After a huddle up of the Refs and God only knows likely communication via the ear piece and NY offices the 1 win Giants were screwed and the Bucs were handed a victory .

Very convenient that this took place setting up a showdown between the Division rivals Saints and the Bucs for first place and the Division lead next Sunday with two teams with only 2 losses …

If only that game was a Nationally Televised Game in prime time as the only game on TV, that would be the icing on the cake…Look at that, it is …Sunday Night Football

Nothing to see here :thinking:

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also no dog in the fight but that is PI every day of the week and twice on Sunday. (apparently not Monday though).

That’s not pass interference.
Picking-up that flag was the right thing to do as it should have never been thrown to begin with.