Giants HC Brian Daboll guarantees he can run 7.0 40-yard dash on 'Hard Knocks'

This got me to thinking. The Lions have quite a few former NFL players (AG, Antwaan Randle-El, Steve Heiden, Shaun Dion Hamilton, Kelvin Sheppard, Deshea Townsend, Mark Brunell, Hank Fraley as coaches. I wonder how fast Dan Campbell & Company could run the 40 yard dash.

I’m guessing former Ohio State QB JT Barrett, whose the second youngest (Dion Hamilton is younger by a few months), would probably be the fastest.

Quick story - a couple months back I was in the Hollywood casino poker room in Columbus, Ohio and JT Barrett was at another table playing. There were a couple of attractive cougars playing at my table and the hotter one of them was going on and on about how she wanted to climb on JT. It was so bad she was just about getting my seat moist. The two cougars were terrible poker players and I fleeced one of them (The lesser attractive of the two ) for about 200 bucks right away. She went to smoke a “cigarette” and never came back. It was sweet.


7 second 40…lol way to go coach.

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Daboll is an athlete. He also took up surfing.

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I’m more interested in den 40 times…

I think 40 times should be posted under your screen name for all to see :joy:

In fact we should have a competition by ages…

Under 80

Under 65

Under 50

Under 40


If you’re over 80… you’re exempt. Congrats. But everyone else get outside and get running. Video evidence mandatory :laughing:

Here’s some motivation…

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I can hear the sound of Hamstrings snapping already…


Haha well no pain…no gain as they say. :wink:

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@Bols is currently winning.


Time is ticking fellas… these 40’s aint gonna run themselves. If you need to take a break mid way, that’s okay.

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NO break needed

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This video is not available in your location…thx for nothing Socko… sinner :joy:

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You just need a VPN. This is the one I use. It’s free on Chrome.

He was such a great college QB. Wasn’t a fan of course but damn he was good in that offense.