Giants RB Saquon Barkley gives Lions praise from last season's matchup


The crazy thing is we shut down a few really good Running backs last year. And then there were also some mediocre RB’s that had career days.


I think the days of terrible defensive play are largely behind us for the foreseeable future.

Lions should be middle of the pack or better moving forward

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The writer asks, “Could the Lions defense start the 2023 season the same way they finished the 2022 season?”

We gotta lift our sights, y’all. Post-defensive changes the Lions’ defense ranked 22nd - waaaaaay better than they in the “historically bad” earlier part of the season, but far from what they should aspire to. Everyone expects offense to be the strength of this team, but is it really too much to hope to see a middle-of-the-pack D?

Saquon is an impressive dude. Clearly came from a good family. Hopefully the Giants pay the man.

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Lions did a SPECTACULAR job against one of the top 2-3 RBs in the league that game.

15 carries, 23 yds, w/a top run of 4 yds. Held under 2 ypc for (I believe) only the 3rd time in 60 career games.

My goodness.

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This was a different defense the last 10 games of the year. If they create turnovers and end the year in the top 15. I think the Lions are going to go on a deep playoff run.

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