Glenn on embracing young defense

I was starting to question his defense a bit but really loved watching this interview. Especially the part where he says “if the offense scores points, whether 3 or 7, that’s enough for us to win.” I know we’re a long way from there and he knows it too, but gotta love that mentality.

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I have felt JRM has been a touch underrated, the last couple of years. I think he’s solid depth and good ST. I don’t want him as a starter, but it feels like having him on the team for the right price.


I keep expecting JRM to take that next step and become a guy on defense but just seemed to be lost in preseason. Hopefully he takes advantage of this opportunity.


Unfortunately he’s about to turn 27 soon. He’s got no shot of being a part of our future plans.

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LOL - plus…WAY too much hair.
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Yeah he’s not part of the future, but, could he fill in better than Collins? He may have plateaued for sure, but can he execute or provide a different skill set more beneficial to our defense now?

We’ll see since he’s gonna get time. But he could be a good bridge guy for another couple years

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Unfortunately he’s about to turn 27 soon. He’s got no shot of being a part of our future plans.

I agree Wes But way he plays ST he can play into early 30"s as ST ace an if needed LB. But for now we can use him as LB .

Anyone over 16 needs to be shipped out. Sorry, rules are rules.


We should probably start deciding who will trade for Sewell so we can get more draft picks to replace him…

Seriously they were talking about trading Hock on the radio today… him and Decker. So we can load up on magic beans to replace them because they are too old to be apart of our future.

I’m not saying that just telling you what I heard

I didn’t get to listen long, but basically saying because hock will be asking for $20 mil in two years and we still won’t be good we should trade him.

Also this is from the same people who thought we should’ve taken Tua.


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@coyote12 and @DetroitStrong@wesleysh21 is laying it on pretty thick…


Our defense will have the fearsome nickname “Jailbait”!


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We were a completely talent devoid 4-3 team. We had bad veteran contracts to contend with, and dividing the locker room during training camp of year nine new regime would have been a poor plan.

There is now little doubt that Nelson is basically Crosby. Although not entering contract year expecting to get paid.

We know the Swift and William combo is real both in run and pass

We know Hock is closer to Kittle/Kelce than a guy like Hunter Henry or Andrews…

Like him or not Goff is on pace for 4700 yards 40 tds and 16 ints with a 95 rating on a news team with no wrs.

I think we are starting to see a WR2 and WR3 developing here.

So ya…


J Okwara

AJ Parker

We will still get to see what Iffy and Okudah are next year.

Id take a solid proven WR, and draft all D like Carolina did last year.


Rds 1-3 next year.


He’s exceeded the average nfl career already

@DetroitStrong I heard that too on the radio. People lost their damn minds. So we should trade Hock and Decker and create 2 more positions of need. Replace 2 of our best players. 2 players that are trending to be in the top of their positions for some magic beans. WTF (Not Washington Football Team LOL)
The conversation I heard was why can’t we follow the Miami model and trade all our assets for magic beans. Just horde beans. My rebuttal to that debate is well why gamble and trade away these guys hoping the picks turn into cornerstone franchise players WHEN WE ALREADY HAVE THEM.
I more willing to follow the Carolina model and draft all defense next draft.


You certainly got that right! I mean take it all one step further, then we should trade our two first rd draft picks this year for more draft picks next year. And then take those picks next year and trade them for more picks the following year! Cuz we won’t be good next year, not the year after. So let’s just keep trading our picks for even more picks!!

And yeah I also agree about the drafting all defense, or 98% defense with a WR thrown in


Ahhh… the old R Kelly rules are coming back.

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Can we simply trade the radio announcers for new, younger less expensive ones?! :crazy_face:

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Man, I really miss Brandstatter as the color guy on the radio. Lomas is pretty clunky.

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That’s a very good description. Clunky or even clumsy, as he struggles to speak, much the same way Shannon Sharpe does.