GM Brad Holmes: Phone not blowing up on Friday for #7

From the media session this morning.

After the Miami trades, his phone wasn’t blowing up to get #7. He has been talking to teams though to trade it. Will probably happen on draft day if it will.

Also noted that Corner position and WR are deep in the draft and will continue to be looked at up-to and into the draft.

I think we’d all love to trade back if the right trade presents itself.

Interesting that he didn’t get a call from Miami if they wanted to get back up. That tells me that Miami definitely wanted to be ahead of us for some reason. I think they are targeting Pitts, and they expect that the Eagles may have taken him if they didn’t get to 6. I think Chase goes to Cincy. The big wild card is what does Atlanta do? As long as a QB goes 4, I think we have a clear line towards Sewell at 7, or a tradeback for whatever QB is remaining of the top 5. Carolina, Denver, New England, Chicago could all be trade partners that would want to move up.

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I would say the easiest answer is the Dolphins already know the first three players taken will be a QB. They wanted #6 because there are three non QB’s who they have rated similarly. My guess is Pitts/Sewell/Chase.

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I think more so than being ahead of us, they wanted to make sure the Eagles weren’t in play. We have similar needs to the Dolphins, but the Eagles needs are almost exact. And the rumor mill has Pitts being Miami’s target, and most people seemed to think he was Philly’s target as well (especially since they hired his old position coach). If they’d just traded with us, they couldn’t guarantee he’d be one of the options available.


The Pitts thing makes a ton of sense. Him + MG at TE = a QB’s best friend. They’ve already got a deep threat and two high pointers.

Maybe add a a lot guy later and that’s enough to see what you’ve got with Tua.

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Chase to Miami makes so much sense to me.

I think it says MiA has 3 players they are interested in and they felt if they were picking any later they might not get one of them.

I think the 3 players are.

  1. Micah Parsons
  2. Penei Sewell
  3. WR - Chase or Smith

I thought Pitts might be their target but after further thought I changed my mind. Let me explain why.

They knew PHI was trying to trade up to take a QB. So they should have put PHI in the QB market at 6OA.

Everyone knows the Lions will likely be targeting a WR or Parsons and they felt the need to get in front of us.

CAR has made it known they are in the QB market as well. So they could have moved from 12-9 but didn’t. That tells me they felt they needed to be in front of us and didn’t contact us in fear that someone would leap frog them and take them out of their top 3 targets.

Lastly it’s believed that ATL might go Pitts too. At least there’s a lot of talk that thinks they could.

I do think Pitts could be in play for them but I don’t think that he’s their primary target. If he were than they should have probably stood pat or tried to trade up to 4OA…that’s why I think there’s 3 players they like and felt they couldn’t go any lower than 6OA.

I could be wrong but that’s the way I see it anyway.

I think Devonta Smith makes more sense because Tua is familiar with him and he was Tua’s favorite target at Alabama.

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I agree and I think the noise for Pitts to Miami is mostly from fans in Florida, while the Dolphins evaluators care even less about state allegiance than the Honey Badger.