'GMFB' ranks the top 5 best teams in the NFL right now

Lotta love for the Lions right now–ranked No. 4 overall by three of the hosts & No. 3 by the female host.

Last Wednesday they were calling us frauds.


That’s NFL coverage for you. One week over stating how worried he was about the Lions, McAfee just called us the biggest NFC threat to the 49ers.

That’s most of the talking heads. They flip flop more than a lady boy in Thailand :joy:

After the superbowl lions will be #1

Doesn’t that describe the fans as well?


Absolutely not. Lions fans always stay calm and never overreact. :joy:

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Except Lions fans. Talking heads are #2 and it’s not even close.


You got to give us Lions fans a little leeway. We are pretty new at this whole winning thing.

We will get the hang of it.

Season 9 Nbc GIF by The Office

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Here’s my advice. Same as I gave in the gameday thread.

Breathe. We don’t need 97 potential strokes in the gameday thread. Breathe. They can (gasp) lose a game and still be okay. It’s okay. It’s all okay. Enjoy the ride. And be prepared for a great Christmas gift Sunday.

3 or 4? That used to be our draft list.

Not anymore! BNL