'GMFB' reacts to Sam Howell being named Commanders starting QB

I know some of us were hoping for Howell in Rd 5 (they didn’t have a 4th due to the Derrick Barnes trade), but he went with the first pick of Rd 5 [144 overall], and the Lions didn’t have a pick until 177 overall [James Mitchell].

I will be shocked if he is ever above average in the nfl. I hope he proves me wrong.

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Might’ve been a nice backup.

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I think it all worked out. We have Hendon as our developmental back up. And his ceiling is higher than me on a Friday.

Agreed. Not having Brisset and Fromm look meaningfully better than him during camp wasn’t a huge accomplishment.

To me Howell might have been the 2nd best QB in that draft class after Kenny Pickett. Pickett is going to be a good one I think. He’s such a fast processor and I’m a sucker for fast processors. Beware the revenge of the man with small hands.

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