GMFB top five NFC QB's for 2023

So they each listed their top five qb’s/

Kyle Brandt:

  1. Hurts
  2. Cousins
  3. Smith
  4. Stafford
  5. Prescott

James Palmer:
2. Fields
3. Smith
4. Stafford
5. Carr

Sara Walsh:

  1. Hurts
  2. Cousins
  3. Stafford
  4. Goff
  5. Smith

Jason McCourty:

  1. Hurts
  2. Goff
  3. Stafford
  4. Prescott
  5. Fields

The only QB I didn’t expect to see on this list was Fields. Really surprised me.

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When did running the ball really well make a QB good?

Not trying to hate on Fields. This kid is truly dynamic with the ball in his hands and clearly he has a lot of talent. At the end of the day, his two year passing stats are horrible

4,112 Passing Yards
24 TD’s
21 INT’s
59.7 Completion %

Even if you include his 10 rushing TD’s to pas his passing TD’s look better its only 34 TD’s. Thats not even a 2:1 ratio. He is not even a top 30 QB throwing the football. Hell, there is a chance he isn’t top 40.


Palmer said this am that his list, they are doing AFC today, was more about future expectations what they will become/continue to do.

Stafford gets better with age
Or with LA
He was always left off these lists as a lion so it’s notable Goff even on one

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My opinion of Geno is so influenced by his previous years in the NFL that I can’t help but expect a huge drop-off this year.


Smith has to show that 2022 wasn’t just a fluke. His level of play dropped off in the 2nd half of the season.

Stafford was playing poorly last year prior to being injured. You can make excuses but there was a definite drop off.

Fields being rated high is more on people’s “expectations”. Not at all based on reality.

Prescott is coming off a not so great year. Was that the fluke or the beginning of a trend.

The NFC is looking much easier than the AFC, especially from a QB perspective.

If Goff can continue his “post Hock trade” level of play, we’ll likely win the division and get to host playoff games.


I wouldn’t take any of those other guys over Goff right now.

I know some (lots?) would take Hurts, and that’s not unreasonable. However, he’s going to get a premium contract real quick, and I just don’t trust his style. I also wouldn’t argue with Cowgirl fans if they said they liked Dak better. Disagree, but it’s not insanity.

Love Staff, but I think he’s toast. I like Kirk, but he’s limited and old. Smith had a nice year, but looked to be regressing to the mean. I think the Chickens are nuts if they think he’s really a long-term solution. Fields? LOLOLOLOLOL.

That’s pretty typical. For years that was what drove Matt Stafford further down QB lists than he deserved to be. The newest flashy guy would be thrown in front of him before he actually proved himself to be better than Staff.

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It’s not hate to state the obvious. He’s a great RB that can throw with some accuracy, however, inconsistent.

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