Go on the record…. Put it “in stone” here!

There will be 2 ongoing title bout debates in this forum for the next 4-5 months, and a subsequent undercard.

  1. The “under card” bout is the debate regarding whether Holmes will be the magic man on draft day, and whether DC will be the guy to maximize the talent we have, and the ask for the right pieces from Holmes…. Fatty Patty wanted Tavaii, he definitely wanted Big V, and likely viewed the need for a 260 backer or big road grader on the right side because NE had “guys like that.”

Lyonfan on Record- Holmes, Campbell, Glenn etc are the right guys. I already see more from them then previous regimes. Tough love, enthusiasm, attention to what’s happening in the game, actually being real with the media. I SAY THEY ARE KEEPERS!

  1. Co- Main event. Goff- stop gap or a chance to be here 2-3 years or more? I believe Goff is more than a dead man walking. I thinking he’s closer to Baker, Cousins, M Ryan, Big Ben, than he is to Mahomes or Russ Wilson for sure, but he’s not Daniel Jones, Fitzpatrick, or worse. Sam Darnold and J Winston both had convincing wins as former top 5 picks, and did so on brand new teams. One best another potential rookie bust and the other destroyed a guy many of you think is the top talent in the game- IM THE GUY WHO CALLED ERIN OVERRATED BTW- Mahomes has never once had a game like Rodgers had today-

Lyonfan on the record- Goff leads us to 5 wins this year thanks to improved play of some young WRs, solid RB room, strong OL play, and a defense that will get better as the coaches weed out the guys they can’t really use. Flowers being asked to stand up looked like Pujols or Miggy much of the last 3 years. I know Miggy had some milestones this year but 40M a year for negative war DH play is awful. I think he gets some weapons next year, and we add 3-4 defensive starters too. We go 8-9 in 2022…. One more year of big assets and in 2022 we can go QB if we feel the need. I think Goff get 2 full years.

  1. Main Event- Matt Stafford vs the Lions- who is to blame. When you consider this is one of the more depleted Bears OL and D combos to start a year, they are starting Red Rocket and on the road, I’d expect the Rams to win at home. Hell Stafford and Lions beat the bears 10 of last 16 while here. Lol. I think we will see Stafford get dinged up, neither Henderson or Michel be able to consistently get into a groove, and I would guess on 10-11 wins. Yes that is more than here, it’s what Goff has averaged or more throughout his last 4 there though.

Lyonfan on the record- Stafford is a great guy by all accounts. He’s a good teammate and has a great arm. He will not be a top 3 MVP candidate, not a valid one anyway. He will not win NFC West. He will not go to NFC Championship.

  1. Coaches and GM are keepers

  2. Goff is our Alex Smith from KC years, maybe a bit higher ceiling. He gets 2-3 years to have a solid all around team that needs a superior talent to take job from him mid season in 2023, but we don’t throw him away for a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

  3. Stafford proves he was never the problem or the solution here, and won’t be there. It’s like in the NBA when they say a guy “isn’t a 1 or 2 talent on a championship team” that’s spot on. He’s a 4400 yard passer with average or less completion percentage, no threat with his legs, poorly timed turnovers and issues staying healthy. When he’s healthy he gets about where Cousins or Ryan get to, but looks better doing it because of his arm talent. Results are same though.


Alright I think I’m following:

  1. lions have the right guys in place from the front office down. Just gonna take a year or two

  2. Goff is QB here for more than 2 years but less than 4. We draft someone to take over.

  3. Stafford does well with the Rams but they still don’t win anything. Not even a playoff game :flushed:

How’d I do?! Check back in 3 years

1-Right Stuff

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  1. Goff-I’m going 1.5 years because he will get flipped for more

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  1. Stafford wins some big games but they don’t win a Super Bowl or even come close.

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  1. Holmes will be better tham Quinn at the very least, but that bar is low, soooo…

  2. Goff wont be the QB by 2023…maybe even 2022 depending on how this season goes and who the Lions draft in 2022.

  3. Stafford will put up big numbers, media will slurp him, rip the Lions, and he’ll then choke in the biggest games.

Mid card fight that steals the show:
Jeff Okudah will continue to look bad, or stay injured. He’ll be cut after the 2022 season, sign a prove it deal with the Steelers or Patriots and go on to have an above average career.

Ha I like it!!!

I hope Okudahs Achilles isn’t torn, but I do hope he misses 3-4 games. We already expect the D to suck now. The bad aid is off.

Now let’s see Iffy, AO, Walker and Marlowe put there. Let’s also see a lot of Barnes and very little of Anzalone.

Barnes made a couple good plays from what I recall…

Agree with everything except about stafford.

Been on record and will continue to say stafford wins a super bowl with the Rams and cements the fact that he has always been an elite qb who was on the all-time worst sports franchise………

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First question: you are Lyonfan1 but you also talk about Lyonfan1 as if that is someone else. Does that mean there are two records for Lyonfan1? Do i get two records? So for Holmes I think he is the right guy I also think he sucks.

I want us to win a giant GB…. Nothing more as I’m not that type of prophet…

You all guess all you need too….

In one week, I watch and support the Lions trying to beat the packers

That is all

Put it in stone -
Stafford is easily top 5 best looking QBs in the league.
Stafford was never the problem here. As LA QB he will,
-Work with smarter OC than he ever has (best QB rating of his career…coincidence?)
-Win more than he ever has
-Go deep into playoffs, maybe SB
-Easily in the HOF

Also put in stone
-Some ppl will cry no matter what he does. He goes to SB and loses, he’ll be called a choke artist.
-Some ppl are not looking for truth, or seeking to understand…they are seeking to be “in the right.”
To be a top 10-7 QB for a decade is amazing. What’s the average life span of an NFL QB career. Total iron man behind terrible OLs, working with historically bad Defenses, working under incompetent OCs, annnnd the worst ownership in the history of all and any sports to boot! :wink:


Always fun when the wife has the keyboard.

What do you mean, brother?
Are you being facetious?
Are you being passive aggressive?
Are you having fun with a little friendly ribbing?
Curious where you are coming from?
Do tell…

Touche’ you son of a …

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LOL - Awesome! I’ve actually had this happen to me a couple of times. Some ppl are looking to be offended. No matter how much you love, respect, and honor people, you can’t make them feel loved, respected, and honored.

Well, we’re still in first place in the division, so…

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