Go Redskins

We really need Washington to beat the Cowboys. Take us up to the #2.

Not happening.

Jim Schwartz defense looking out of this world

Are the Cowboys going to “flip the switch” and upset the Redskins?

Holy shit refs are a joke. Should’ve been a TD for the Redskins


NFL is a joke. BS. I

Some act like it is all bias towards certain teams, and while there is some, the bigger issue is incompetence. The game is so fast and these refs just aren’t good enough. NHL for example has no officiating problem. NFL officiating needs to improve. NHL refs are in top shape and sharp. NFL refs are old and fat a lot of them. You can’t have some of these old, out of shape slugs officiating this game.


I hear fat women are bad at their jobs too.

OMG that’s funny.