Go Vikings, you need to win

I think they’re going to come back and win.

That would be great!

I agree Put the Packers in 3rd spot in the Division.

Vikings can’t stop the Packers rushing game right now.

I know. :frowning_face:

I’d like to put them in a dumpster.

Or in a plane right before it crashes.

Packers, Vikings, who cares who wins? Lions are a half game behind either one, that it is all that matters.

Pack will win here I think.

Can’t wait to see Kirk Cousins look like a complete goofball on this last play.

Packers defense is much improved.

Yeah. They sucked last year. But the Vikings appear to be pretty fraudulent.
And Cousins 13/31?

World’s suckiest palindrome.

It’s early, but the Packers are looking like team that just needed a new coach. Things may have simply gotten stale under McCarthey

Hey hey hey, easy on the obscene language

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Flip! So Bears and Vikings last season. Packers and Lions this season.

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