Goff a talent driven not a scheme driven QB


Good stuff and agree…


Glad to hear it thank you. Much appreciated

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All QB’s need a supporting cast.
Why do you think Erin has been so pissy the last few years? Why do you think a great QB like him has only won one Super Bowl?
Why doesn’t Maholmes go every year?

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Moore looks pretty angry on the video thumbnail

I mean, if it’s all about QB play, shouldn’t the Super Bowl feature Rogers and Maholmes every year?

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Or tom brady…wait…shit nevermind.


Dudes only got 7 rings in 20 years. He’s the GOAT? Wtf was wrong with him the other 13 years?


Didn’t we change the scheme when we demoted Anthony Lynn? I know they installed new packages that Johnson tailored to Goff. Significantly undercuts your points IMO.

I don’t really see the point of the debate to be honest. Talent driven vs scheme driven? bah. Seems like a question you ask when you want to start some shit lol


Josh Allen vs Stafford, bro. :wink:


Both are really good QBs, undoubtedly. But last I checked Stafford wasn’t winning playoffs games before he played on a D with HOF players and arguably the best DT of all time. Both the Rams and Bills are stacked rosters.

The team is equal as important as the QB. In my opinion of course.

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Yup - if surrounded by enough talent, he will succeed. I agree. The only thing I want to see is toughness. I love a tough guy leader…even if they don’t have as good a stats as a “cerebral” guy. That energy leads the team…energetically. “we’re going to war together” energy.

If Goff can do that, I’m Happy AF.
-Stafford w/the dislocated shoulder vs Clevland.
-Stafford trucking a LB (though you don’t want that on every play), in key moment
-Stafford in crunch time during most of this year’s playoffs.
-Stafford’s fake spike against Dallas
-Stafford’s faith in wRs to win 50/50 balls (let’s be honest, those were 80/20 balls)

This is the type of stuff I want to see from him. I’m not saying he can’t.
A QB’s energy impacts the entire team by default, because they touch the ball on every play.

I DO think Goff can do it…I just want to SEE HIM do it.
Dan Campbell factor is going to help a ton.
I want to see Goff show up tougher than he ever has.

Going into last season, I was probably 60/40 or 70/30 thinking Goff WOULD do it.
Seeing what happened, I shifted to 30/70. Still believe he can, but watching him NOT.
Reading and reflecting the last couple of months, seeing the roster, If I’m to be honest…falling more in love w/Brad and Dan…I’m leaning a little more toward Goff…
I’m saying I’ve been influenced to 40-45% “he’s the guy”/60-55% he’s not “The guy”
I believe in him.
Does HE believe in HIMSELF?

That’s what the team needs, in order for him to be “the guy”

Doing what you do, you WILL get criticized. (this is not that).
Also → love that you have seen some of that already and that you keep going.
Keep doing what you do and have fun, brother. You should see the criticism I get. Holy MF’n Shit! You could never think it’s controversial to love humans…but it is. Not all of 'em are ready for it.

…left Detroit. Correct. Same with every other QB that would have come here, Goff included. :wink:
Things are different now, but as a Detroit-Ram, instead of a Detroit Lion, you will lack context.
Even with the injuries to last year’s OL, they were still better than the OLs Matt had, almost every year.
People that want to talk “pro-bowl players, etc, etc, etc.”…they are COMPLETELY WHIFFING, and completely missing the point. Management and coaching are what Destroyed Calvin, Barry, and almost Matt’s careers.

People who have never sat through 60 years of bullshit ownership dont realize how much management and coaching matter SO MUCH MORE than players.

Patricia would have lost if he had been allowed to pick 5 players from any team around the league.


You kind of made my point for me! Regardless of your QB it’s very much still a team game. All I was saying really. And your oline started out terribly last season so if that’s the case it bodes well for Stafford. Because you guys couldnt pass or run block to start the year.

My opinion, Goff’s biggest problem last year was WRs running the wrong routes. -Literally running the wrong routes. (continuity/experience problems)
-OC was the 2nd biggest problem.
-WR talent was third. LOL
-OL was 4th.

…cuz I was never arguing against your point, merely adding to it, as well as exemplifying that it’s not even the biggest of Goff’s issues.

Also - I’ll reiterate - Coaching and management matters more than players/talent.
If last year’s team had been reasonably healthy, we would have won 6 or 7 games, even with that shit roster.

Dan Campbell is AWESOME

Dude, Stafford sucks, remember?:laughing:
He needs a team to elevate him.
And Allen, shit! He can’t even get to the Super Bowl with a stacked team.

I know, man. IMO, Goff isn’t Stafford, and also…we don’t need him to be. I am perfectly fine with his QBing skills. I just want him to prove to be a tough guy as a leader because QB energy influences the entire team…just like I want a dude like that at DT as well.
Dominant QB and a Dominant DT…then beat their ass with trenches, guts, and a few home run threats.
That’s my formula.

Good lord I love rooting for tough guys. Even with cage fighters. I prefer toughness over big talent. So excited that J-Will has BOTH!

I’d put Goffs winning drive against the Vikings in the realm of those kind moments


I’m not really even talking about Goff, at this point…or trying to poke you. I’m just poking you cause I know you can take it, and, you’re popular in the crowd I am trying to poke.:laughing:
Some armchair QB’s around here have zero clue what it takes to win in the NFL. They seem to think if you have the newest, flashiest, most expensive QB in the NFL, you’re set. That’s why they turned on Stafford. I mean, he was a #1oa pick. Obviously a bust.
Now, Goff is just another in a long line of Detroit QB’s that suck.
What rotten luck!

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…and I love that.

Yup - Imagine being among the top 32 best IN THE WORLD at what you do
…and being told YOU SUCK! Wow!!!

I agree with most of what ppl say in support of Goff too. I’m not even fully convinced we could upgrade from him if we wanted to…I would just love to try (if they don’t think they can win a SB with him).

SB or die, baby!

Same with DT. I truly like what I believe our DL will evolve into. I just want better. Same with RB. I’d LOVE to upgrade from Swift, and he’s one of my fav Lions. I’d love to have him either be 1/2 of a 2-headed monster, if not a backup (if the other guy was that good).