Goff contract extension

Could the fords give goff commercial money and maybe he signs a smaller contract
Is that legal in the nfl

That would not be permitted. Circumventing the salary cap.
I mean maybe you could shave off a couple million and get away with it that way. But proceed with caution or lose draft capital.

Would likely need proof it happened but ya i wouldnt even go there.

That’s some USFL shit right there

Matt did Ford commercials so we know there is nothing bc forbidden marketing contracts between ownership group’s business interests in their players. But it would have to be such a small amount as to risk investigation. Is it really worth being shady for 3-4m per year of cap savings?

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No or else everyone would be doing it. Jerry Jones would offer Aaron Donald $10,000,000 per hour to clean his pool as a totally unrelated side gig.

I’d it for half that.

Maybe even a quarter.

Exactly my point, not worth even going there as perception would result in an investigation whether it was active skirting of the cap or otherwise.

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That actually sounds like a fair wage. I bet the surface of Jerrah’s pool is covered with an Exxon Valdez amount of bronzer.

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