Goff IS the problem

Just look at the tie, if Ben had been able to play, do you think we are even in the game?
We all know our defense is not yet a stout group, but we had little problem holding the Steelers to 16 points. Why?


News flash: we have problems

We are bad this year.

I hope they have the guy working with a sports psychologist, because I’m pretty sure he has a severe case of the Yips.

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He’s certainly among the key problems. He’s constantly late on throws. He’s been awfully inaccurate. He’s made critically bad decisions.

He reminds me so much of Nick Foles. He might flourish in a system that’s perfect for him, or against subpar competition, but the shine is off his star for a reason. He can’t be our QB going forward.

And that sucks when you think about how much he costs.


We have held the Ravens, Vikings and Steelers all under 20 points, Aaron Glenn has actually done a half decent job considering most of the secondary are undrafted free agents or named Will Harris.


It sort of terrifies me to think Brad Holmes, who spent all that time in the Rams organization, thought he was good. Its a real red flag. I know he wanted the picks, but ooof thinking he could be a bridge QB. He’s been absolutely terrible. Like, I can’t even believe its possible he had those stats with LA. McVay should win his own special award for making him look as good as he did.


I can see that comparison for sure. Both are extremely slow footed, who hold the ball way too long and love to take sacks and fumble away games.


I think he is so bad that we may HAVE to deal with QB in the draft, then really get it handled the following year. Like blow a low 1st or 2nd, or 3rd on a warm body, hope we get lucky, and if not then try to tackle it again later. and that royally sucks.

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That’s what I’m saying. Holmes has done nothing to inspire confidence. Now, I could normally look past that because he’s so new, but when you start to inspire doubt, which he’s done in spades, we have a real problem.

Goff is just one example. Letting Prater walk was another. You don’t have to look very far to see some glaring problems that all point back to Holmes.

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Prater was one of the stupidest decisions. Yes he’s lost a little but that still makes him better than the majority of kickers out there. Was it a money thing?

If you really wanted to tap your head with a ball peen hammer, you could conclude that Holmes was wrong on Goff… twice.

There are worse things than being a perfect tank QB. I can agree its scary the our GM thought this guy was good. At least he wasn’t just good enough to keep that thought process going. The last thing I want to see is another 5 years of Goff. We don’t need a warm body replacement though. Let Goff tank for us until the right guy comes along. In the meantime sign up a project QB. I like Paxton Lynch just as much now as I did when he was drafted. He was exactly what I expected in the 4 games he played in. Can’t figure out how he’s not on a NFL roster. I did hear that he wasn’t dedicated enough to football, he’s had the wake up call now. He’s not as good as Goff but he has way more upside.

I think Goff practices those out of bounds throws though.
They are usually much better spirals than the ducks he flails toward our receivers.
Even 3 yards away.
So is that a mental block or what?
I think he’s shell shocked.

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Yeah, he f-ed up royal from the word go. It sucks that he walked into that situation as a first time GM, because his forte is the college draft and he did decently there.

He might never make it because of what happened in the first months of his tenue.

Deciding to trade Stafford.
Deciding to take on Goff’s contract in trade.
Deciding to pass on a QB in the draft.

One could argue he needed to be fire in his first couple of months.

It doesn’t matter how good Sewell is. We have a young left tackle. You do not ever IMHO pass on a franchise QB for a right tackle when you don’t have an answer at QB. He gambled on Goff and lost badly.

I do think there is hope for Holmes. Maybe. He can evaluate talent, it seems. From a talent standpoint, we got some pieces last draft… IMO that is the hardest part. He can rebound from this with good drafting.

And I also truly wonder what is the front office structure. Was this really HIS decision? Was it Campbell’s? Did Spielman have a say? Did ownership intervene? Probably a little of all of the above, and that makes SOL to a degree.

Sewell could look like a great pick. Holmes could look like it was all part of the plan. If. we. get. a. franchise. QB. Big IF though. The decision will also look better if both Fields and Mac Jones bomb. I don’t think that is happening though.


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Lol, don’t bother. Let the kids vent.


I think it’s clear - and I’ve said this since before the season started - that the intent was to blow it up. Take on bad contracts and suck really bad for a year to clear out all of the chaff left over by Quinn and Patricia. They’d spent 3/4 years adding slow, big players to fit that Pats scheme and thus left us with more of an uphill climb than most rebuilding teams.

I’m sure they hoped Goff would be better. I’m sure Holmes still had a fondness for him from his days evaluating him. He hasn’t worked out. As long as Holmes recognizes it (and I don’t see how he can’t), then it’s fine. Like I said, it was a lost season anyway. Just make it better.

It’s frustrating to watch as fans (especially for Lions fans), but we didn’t really have much choice. The cupboard was just so bare. Sure we could have lipstick-on-a-pig’d it in the offseason and maybe won 5 or 6 games, but to what end?


And then he extends him, I mean if the team is such a throw away this year and he new it like so many claim , then why extend Goff to get cap space only to sign players you knew were not going be good enough. Why not wait. But he signed Goff because he thought he was the answer and he also hand picked Boyle. None of this sounds like a genius to me. but it does seem like he mis judge both players actual talent.


I hope Holmes at least attempted to trade Goff during the off-season. Because if he didn’t, that indeed means that he has been wrong on Goff twice.

If this is the case, I have no faith in him going forward. I mean zero.

Someone else in the organization will have to take over the QB search … or else we will be doomed at QB going forward.