Goff moved up from 34th to 27th!

Yay!! I think?! :crazy_face::heart::heart::pray::upside_down_face:

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I am not going to allow something as simple as recency bias to not give a reasoned reaction to Just Fields being at 33…

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WTF is Tyrod Taylor still so high? He hasn’t even been playing! :rofl:

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Great minds think alike…and you & me in this instance…lol…

But whaddaya mean “still” ? Doesn’t that — symbol mean he wasn’t even on the list last time? I guess I could look at the old list, but I’d rather trim my pubes with a broken bottle than validate their nonsense with a click…


I just think it’s funny as last week the list had 34 QBs and now it’s grown to 36!

And last week fields was 28 and Goff was 34?!

Sadly accurate

:rofl: I don’t blame you one bit man! Here’s the original one posted. Tyrod wasn’t even on it! Just like you said. I guess I was misremembering. lol

Yeah, the criteria have to be pretty random.

There was a famous professor at Cambridge University who was notorious for grading papers by throwing a stack down the stairs & giving the best marks to those that landed near the bottom, weight/length being the only criterion in play.

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A heartfelt thanks for taking the mental hit for us. Right up there with Spock irradiating himself to save The Enterprise.

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You’re a great addition to this board man. :joy:

As long as I’m doing less damage than espn, I’m pleased to hear it.

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At the rate of improving seven spots per week, he’ll be number one in four weeks!


And hopefully a four game winning streak!! :heart::crazy_face::pray::upside_down_face::+1:

I like your way of thinking

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Especially when you get bumped up 7 spots after throwing 2 ints, and your only TD is a 1 yard screen pass to the RB who takes it for 60 to the house.

Super Bowl here we come!

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Get him a WR and his O-line back and he might even do better.

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Oh, stop it. Any QB who can’t take a rookie tackle and four backups on the line - along with this prestigious WR group - to 13-3 and win his division shouldn’t be in the league.


exactly… and I also realize that people like Teddy as a person… but he has a pretty good offense around him and still can’t get it done.

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Wait, you’re exaggerating man. He’s only get three backups on the O-line. So maybe 13-3 should be 15-2.

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Now he might be the tallest midget!