Goff perspective: if he was a free agent next season

If goff was a free agent next season (lions cut him- never going to happen but what if) which teams do you think would be jumping all over themselves to sign him and what type of contract do you think he would get? Might be some perspective of what we have in him.

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Shit, if the team has a good poker face it would be hard to tell. We can speculate and guess. But it would be hard to tell. He would have a market. I’d imagine Indianapolis would want him over Matt Ryan right now……


Let’s see at the end of the season. If he keeps playing the way he is and the lions are winning games he absolutely would have a market.

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If he sucks to the point of being cut after this season, he’ll be lucky to get a starting job anywhere. I don’t see any way this happens though.

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Let’s have this conversation in 2 months.


I think Goff is a good quarterback for the team that we have. He’s well protected by our o-line and he has a great run game.

But if the Lions did want to upgrade I think the Buccaneers would covet Goff. I think Brady is done after this year and someone like Goff or Jimmy G seems like a good transition for them.


In theory. Week one he had the worst protection in the league. Injuries and Stenberg


Exactly. I feel like I am the only one who noticed him needing to get the ball out instantly, or get crushed.

His “low” completion percentage of 57-ish is a result of being pressured immediately on a lot of throws. Full credit to Goff for not taking more sacks, and for getting back up off of the turf.

He needs to keep doing what he is doing. Get the ball out quickly, and not give a damn about a few incomplete passes.


If only some of the fans would understand this and not give a damn about a few incompletions


Yeah, Brad can mull those scenarios, but I’m all in on the Lions and what happens leading up to and on Sunday. After our last playoff game, I’ll be yammering about prospects and hammering home things I dimly understand. LOL

I think the Goff story is still yet to be written, this season is going good so far but what happens when the run game isn’t working so well or the Oline isn’t quit as good and you have to ride Goff ?

Is it coincidence that the ones that say Goff has arrived and ignoring any bad is the same ones that dogged Stafford on a regular basis ?

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I like Goff just like I liked Stafford, but my stance is exactly the same. The Lions will need to do better than Goff if they ever wish to elevate themselves into the upper tier of the NFL.

The Lions are so stained with a losing stench that I don’t think anyone less than that will be able to elevate them into long term winners imo.

Until they have their own Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady, or Allen kind of guy they will range between the basement and the 1st floor imo. I thought that when Stafford was here and still believe it today.

No. He needs to continue improving his awareness (courage) and accuracy. Even the 50 yard pass by ARSB was a little high and behind him forcing him to jump.

That overthrown deep pass to Chark was really inexcusable. He had a clean pocket and plenty of time.

Those 2 end zone passes on 3rd and 4th were stuff you need to make as a winning QB. That was stuff you’d expect from Boyle.

EDIT: just realized this was in the context of being pressured and so I agree. Because Goff SUCKS when pressured.

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If you really feel this way then you should have been the biggest supporter of Tim Boyle. Who was money when he was money. But had some “just a few incompletions”.

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If the run game stops working and the oline sucks then Goff is going to struggle. Like most every QB would. I’m not sure who is saying Goff has arrived - Theres an entire season to be played. But some of us are saying he’s not deserving of the criticism heaped on him. I mean last game he had 4TDs a dropped TD, a 120 QB grade, nominated for Air QB of the week but if you revisit the game day thread half the posts were about how horrible he is


True but if you watch the tape it wasn’t like Goff was imposing his will on Washington. They were blowing coverages and out of position a lot. Even on offense the commies just weren’t executing.

Wentz could have rightfully did what he did at the top of the 3rd quarter to us all game if he wasn’t such a scrub.

Yup. If we can properly protect him, he can be a good one.
We have to pass protect extremely well, as he is an extreme lack in mobility, in conjunction with goes down very easily.

My fear is, if we can’t protect against blitzes, JaMoss isn’t properly utilized. He’s gonna need more targets than the 2 targets/game that Chark is getting.

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This is teh exact controversy around Goff that is going to be even bigger by season’s end. Wait’ll Goff lofts his way to a few 370 yard games with high % ratings…but faces no pressure.

He’s going to SHRED the 2nd half of our schedule, I promise you.

It’s the playoffs that concern me. We need our OL to dominate, for him to do it.
If our OL can dominate → so can Goff.
Goff is VERY good when perfectly protected.
All QBs drop off when pressured. Goff actually can play under pressure…but the threat of contact that is his downfall.
Yes…contact impacts all QBs. It impacts some more than others.

Protected QB vs Protected QB…Goff is top 5, for sure.
Non protect vs non protected…Goff is bottom 5.

He’s a statue that goes down easily…and also hates physical contact.

Again…he CAN handle pressure if he has an outlet to roll out to…he CAN THROW on the run…it’s when he’s going to take a hit that he becomes terrible. It’s by a mile the biggest hole in his game.


I saw a pretty saavy QB who was running a well balanced system mixing run and pass. A QB who was changing calls after the defense was set (a big criticism of him before) and using play action well. That sweep to Amon was run out of a formation we used several times. As soon as WA went to the look Goff was looking for he Alerted the call to be the sweep and made a nice handoff to fool the entire DL. Then Cepheus made a sick block too

I see more to the position than. ‘Look at man. Look at man throw’

Goff is running the most balanced offense we’ve had in decades and it’s fun to watch. Of course I’m still a Lions fan and half expect the wheels to fall off any day with Goff throwing a hundred picks. But for now, it’s hard to deny he is playing really well and running the system. He and Ben are kizmet


I also saw him make some pretty big throws last week while about to take a hit. The early TD to St Brown was under pressure as two defenders were about to clobber him