Goff Plays Pickleball with Harper


Based on my assessment, Goff missing that over the top shows that Goff is way too short and lacks the vertical to be a professional pickleball player. He shouldn’t quit his day job…


Weird I never noticed Goff at all.


Animated GIF

Some of us are more behind… some of us only look in the rear view

Sunglasses Down GIFs | Tenor

The only reason Goff is good at pickleball is his supporting cast. Everything has to be perfect for him to swing his pickle paddle! :wink:


Oof! He sucks. Can’t handle the floater.

In true Lions fan fashion, all I saw was:

After spending a portion of the week working out with teammate Amon-Ra St. Brown on the football field

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Very little jiggling. Fire that cinematographer!

When I was young, playing pickleball meant something completely different.

Allow me to refer you to the how old are you Lions fan thread.

We called it “Corn Hole”…

Pickleball was invented by a doctor who specializes in meniscus repair, and was franchised to orthopedic surgeons around the country. So far, so good.

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