Goff sets record

Does anyone honestly think he’s NFL history money good?? I sure as hell don’t. You put Stafford the and Goff here and I think you see the real Goff, not that good

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I’ve never been a fan of Goff. He’s one of those guys that seemed to be constantly graded on a curve during the draft process. He’s got height and tremendous arm talent. But outside of that I don’t think he’s got what it takes upstairs to ever be a top level QB in the NFL.

That all being said I was super happy to see the Rams waste money on him.


Goff has a Matt Ryan ceiling… He needs the right system to succeed. He’s obviously capable of running that system very well, but it helps when you have a good OL and Todd Gurley scoring 27 TDs. $110 million guaranteed is crazy… Wonder what Mahomes will get.

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A buddy who is a KC fan was just talking about that last night. It’s crazy. It’s going to take 150 at this rate

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If Mr. 3 Points in the Super Bowl just got 110, then yes I’d wager KC will have to top that by at least $20 million.

This is why I’ll never buy a jersey, pay for Sunday ticket, buy any beer, razors, pizza, or insurance that is advertised during games.

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Weren’t you the one saying last year, that Goff was great when the Rams would line-up quickly to the L.O.S. so McVay could call plays in his ear until up to the very last second before the ball was snapped?!?!?
I think Goff’s played declined towards the end of the year. I never thought Goff would be as good as he is…but I’m not really sure how good Goff really is either. Take McVay out of his ear and who knows what you have.

It’s funny money…a fugayze, a Fugazi…it’s not real.

No one is ever really in cap trouble. Sure, the cowboys get close every now and then, but the cap always goes up and there’s always a can to be kicked down the road.

I don’t know why we get upset that the billionaires are spending their money foolishly. Who cares?

Yes, that was me. When McVay is calling a great game and giving Goff all of the answers to the test, he can go out there and look like a good quarterback. But if left to his own devices, or if McVay doesn’t have the answers to give Goff…things fall apart quickly. And I do not think Goff has what it takes mentally to ever be the kind of QB that can go out and win the chess game vs the defense on his own.