Goff Signs 4-Year Contract Extension--$170 Million Guaranteed

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Goff Contract Details

This is encompasses his current deal making it a new 5 year deal that is 47.1M/yr. The five-year deal pays out 235.61 million; an average of 47.122 million per year. He gets 75.611 million this year; 18 million in 2025; 55 million in 2026; 40 million in 2027; and 47 million in 2028.

The full guarantee at signing is 113.611 million. The practical guarantee is 148.611 million

  • Signing bonus: 73 million.

  • 2024 base salary: 2.611 million, fully guaranteed.

  • 2025 base salary: 18 million, fully guaranteed.

  • 2026 base salary: 55 million, 20 million of which is fully guaranteed at signing and 35 million of which becomes fully guaranteed in 2025.

  • 2027 base salary: 50 million, 22 million of which is guaranteed for injury at signing. Of that amount, 18 million becomes fully guaranteed by 2026. The remaining 4 million becomes fully guaranteed by 2027.

  • 2028 offseason roster bonus: 7 million.

  • 2028 base salary: 39 million.

  • 2028 escalator: 4 million.

Cap Hits:

2024 - 22.2M

2025 - 32.6M

2026 - 69.6M

2027 - 64.6M

2028 - 60.6M

Cutting him for 2027 season would have a dead cap hit of 47M, and doing so in 2028 would be a 17M dead cap hit

Over The Cap detailed analysis of the contract.
Thoughts on Jared Goff’s $212 Million Contract With the Lions | Over the Cap

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Those are some hefty ass cap hits, but it seems like The lions are banking on the cap jumping up alot more around 2026-2027.

Those cap hits can easily be reduced by converting base salary (especially $55M 2026 base salary) to bonus and stretching out into void years.

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They doing a bang up job with the drafting. Maybe get some help and experience with the other parts of the job.

Warning: another craptastic audio feed on the 2nd half of the video. Can’t believe they can’t get this fixed. The last 3-4 sessions in that room has been shit.


Love everything except one thing… I HATE that he says, “…win A Super Bowl” multiple times. Should be “win Super Bowls.”

Everything else → Perfect!

You’re wrong. I showed you you literally couldn’t be more wrong. And you’re still on w/that nonsense.

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We agree on something!

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He really, REALLY is.

And he definitely doesn’t always bounce up from those hits. The guy absorbs some serious punishment - in large part because he DOES keep his eyes downfield and give routes that extra spit-second they needs to develop, knowing that he’s gonna get walloped smoked.

And, yeah, he’s definitely not built like Josh Allen.

Still, he keeps getting up.

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Pro Tip: Don’t quit your day job.

Culture, yes.

The bigger point: unlike posters like CatholicNinja, the Lions braintrust thinks Goff is a VERY good QB and that the advantage he brings to winning relative to Hooker or any other much cheaper alternative >>> the disadvantages of paying him.

And, unlike JD9, who agrees that Goff is a good QB, they think Goff IS a “difference maker.”

Why go against the “grain” if you think the grain has it right?

Oh my goodness.

Wicked burn.

This is me right now.

happy burning man GIF

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But he is right though…
Matt Leblanc Whatever GIF

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And Troy Aikman still sucks as a TV announcer. So great that we can all agree.

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Troy Aikman gets paid 18 million dollars a year to do his job. You post on a message board about him and get paid nothing for it. We all can agree on that too….#loseforlynch

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Wait. Are you saying that I should quit my day job?

We might need a poll.

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Woot you are good….i was saying that you were right. But my friend socko loves to come with the negative angle on almost EVERYTHING and he does admit that he’s a bit jaded in his thoughts. I mean between wanting the Lions to tank for Paxton Lynch and saying Rod Marinelli was a better HC than Jim Schwartz I have a hard time taking him seriously :rofl:

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I’ve done that before :rofl: I just said ■■■■ it and bailed haha

And he has a no trade clause. He is going to be here for the entire contract. He made sure of it. This guy will be damned if he lets another Rams situation happen. I’m not debating anymore on whether he’s worth it, but wowww you did good Jared. Real good.