Goff Slappies

How do you win with a QB that leads the league?

Most Turnovers By A Qb Since The 2019 Season | StatMuse.

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Great thread. LOL


First time I’ve seen it in Black and White. Should be a wake up call for all.

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Mmmmmm Turnovers…


I had the Homer Simpson voice in my head when I read that, lol


You could tell how bad those picks really bothered Rodgers. He really cares about his stats. I think to the point it has hurt his career.

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Geez give it a rest. We are all aware of Goff’s limitations. Throwing when behind to guys like the Flying Zalenda brothers, K Raymond, and an average to below average running game in Detroit will probably make you look pretty shitty. Look at what’s happened to Brady, Stafford, and Rodgers without decent wide receivers. They struggled. Goff struggles. We get it. This team is not ready to plug-in a rookie quarterback. His game and confidence will be shattered. Let Goff play out. Let’s see what happens when he has a full complement of players around him instead of on the injured list. He looked pretty good at the beginning of the year.


Yes it’s all on Goff. I mean this franchise was winning so many games before he arrived……

Listen i want a new QB but Goffs not the biggest problem with this team. I mean when your best players can’t stay on the field and you trade away your leading receiver in Hockenson I’m not surprised he struggled against GB. I also add that having Raymond and Kennedy as guys playing major snaps at WR isn’t a recipe for success.

But yes I want a new QB……in fact it’s my biggest issue with Holmes. He should have started developing a legitimate QB the moment he took over.


You know I wouldn’t want Stafford back for free… I don’t even really want Aaron Rodgers. I want the Lions to get Bryce Young or someone similar. It’s our turn to have a stud at the beginning of his career.


I’m not saying that we don’t need a young quarterback at some point. When I see teams have success, they usually have put together a team first and then get the quarterback of the future (Allen, Mahomes, Wilson, Tampa Brady, Denver Manning, LA Stafford Jackson, Rodgers, Rothlesberger, and many others). It’s why we see so many quarterbacks at the top of the draft fail, in my opinion. These are talented guys and under the right circumstances most would probably succeed. However, they go to teams that are in desperate need of a spark, an savior, and aren’t ready for a young quarterback to take over. I saw it with Detroit Stafford and Harrington and don’t want to see it again. I do like Levis and think he could be had a little later. Too many questions about Stroud and Young in my opinion to throw a top pick or several picks toward getting them.


Bryce Young, Caleb Williams ('23), Drake Maye ('23)

As of now those are the 3 guys I feel really good about. '23 may have some other guys depending on their junior seasons but pretty much all of the other '22 guys I like have shown some warts. I’m still somewhat open minded on Stroud. He should probably get a mulligan for last week due to weather. That said I don’t have an abundance of confidence that stroud is a future NFL star.

It’s funny…. If you factored age, dead cap money, contract length, skill set all together….

I wouldn’t want- I sure wouldn’t trade for the below, and many I wouldn’t take straight up with their contracts. I like that Goff is only 31M the next 2 years with light dead money next year and almost none the next year…

A) we can roll with him for a decent starter price tag for 2 years
B) we can take a QB this year if our guy is there, and have Goff start next year and trade him in 24’…
C) we can trade Goff at draft time and get a 2nd rounder more than likely…. Then trade a pick for an elite player and use the free cap room to pay him… AKA trade Goff for a 2nd… then trade a 2nd for Daron Payne… then pay Payne with the freed up cap space

  • I love having a decent QB at age 28 that seems like a great guy, and who gives all this flexibility. The Giants, Ravens, etc are forced ti decide what to do now, and it might mean start over without a good draft pick or break the bank on a guy they don’t really want to…
  1. Erin- contract… puke
  2. Russ Wilson- contract… puke
  3. D Watson- never
  4. D Carr- too much money, similar player
  5. M Stafford- we already saw him here plus $$$
  6. Wentz- they are better with Heineke!
  7. M Ryan- done
  8. Tannehill- worse player same money
  9. K Murray- would t take his contract
  10. Zach Wilson- maybe
  11. Baker- awful
  12. Winston- awful
  13. D Jones- won’t pay him next year
  14. Mariota
  15. Lamar Jackson- won’t give him 250M in 4 months
  16. D Mills- maybe
  17. Pickett- awful
  18. Cousins- similar WITH Jeff, Theilen, Cook,
  19. Jimmy G- wouldn’t want him w/o Deebo, D, CMC
  20. Dak- look at cap hits and dead cap next 3!

Guys I’d rather have factoring everything.

  1. J Allen
  2. Mahomes
  3. Burrow
  4. Hurts
  5. Herbert
  6. Tua
  7. Lawrence
  8. Brady
  9. Fields
  10. G Smith- crazy I typed that
  11. Mac Jones- only for the contract price.

So basically we have a top 10-15 QB playing with a talentless supporting cast for most of his tenure here… and at a top 10-15 contract situation.

Just for fun…

RB- us swift a guy anyone is counting on, or wants to extend at this point? Is Jamal really a great value at this year for 5M? What do we do next year? Right now, pay JWill more and have the same room is scary?

WR- until we see production and consistent health, what is Jamo really? ASB is a stud slot at great value…. Last year Reynolds was a steal, but now his health and lack of consistency may have him overpriced as a WR4…. Does anyone feel like Chark was a good value now?

TE- I feel great about the value and athleticism at TE… and the pick we got for Hock and the 10M saved…. We can draft an elite RG prospect with the pick Hock got us, and pay a solid CB with the money he saved us!

OT- I feel great about Sewell, and at this point Deckers 20M each of the next 2 years is awful. I wish we would haven gotten a 2nd for him at deadline. Moved Sewell to LT and draft a RT with Rams pick and save 15M a year plus on the OL…

OG- we have shit value with V missing 25 of 50 games so far, and making 10M per…. J Jackson is one of the best contracts on our team…

C- Rags is so worth it!!!

DT- we have one decent player, and one who may never play again, and 2 undrafted free agents on expiring deals- AT LEAST THEY SUCK CHEAP! Bring back Commish in case we wise up and switch to a 3-4

EDGE- Hutch, Harris, Paschal and JO give us some talent and we’ll prices long term deals…. Need to change scheme and add a dynamic presence, but solid

LB- Barnes and Rodrigo are both cheap for 2-3 more years. AA is hot garbage and Board is gone next year if we don’t re-sign. I’d love to sign Board and draft Jack Campbell.

CB- we have Okudah and Jacobs for more time. We need to add a stud Vet (Bradberry, Peters) and a rookie.

S- Walker and Joseph could be really really good. Iffy? List cause… maybe bring back Elliott.

  • J Goff probably puts QB in our top 3-4 position groups when balancing talent, money, and contract term…

Thus why I’m not ready to set him on fire


I love Caleb and Drake, and to a lesser extent Levis…

That said- if I see Stroud creatively run for 50-60 yards and 2-3 first downs the next few weeks, and then he measures and throws well in the pre-draft…. Then it will come down to 2 games…. Does he carve up a tough Michigan D? Can he execute well against Georgia….

I see those 4 with nfl bodies, nfl arms, and that 4.65 type speed that can get 300 yards and 4 tds rushing a year that we surely lack….

Your issue with Bryce is just his size?

Well put….

Imagine we swapped J Jefferson, Theilen, Cook, KJ Osborn for…. ASB, Reynolds, Hock, Williams…. I bet we win…. Of if our D stops a 60 yard td drive with no time left.

Imagine if we swapped Hill and waddle for ASB and Kennedy lol.

We’d be 4-4 for sure…

This article pretty well sums up how I feel….

i dont want Kyler, who is stronger, has a bigger arm, and is faster.

I don’t want Russ as my proto type either- not without Marshawn and the Legion of Boom!

I want Josh Allen, Mahomes, Hurts, Burrow, or Herbert…. All 220 pound plus guys with plus mobility for a QB…

Take away all the times B Young “scrambles” around and finds a guy 40 yards down field from his highlight reel because with his size, speed, strength that won’t continue at the next level.

  • the pistons have a 6’8” center who can post, rebound, and play D…. But we are a terrible rebounding team. Why? Because our center is 6’8” and out PF is 6’7”.

I’m a hard stop under 210 pounds. No reason to talk myself into something I don’t think will work because he’s fun to watch

There are some 195 pound stud RBs in college…. Not many have run for 1,400 yards in an nfl season though

Drake Maye is a stud.

Take a look at Staffords college highlights, then watch Levis- then compare who each guy had around him.

I think Levis is going to be better than anyone thinks.

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I didn’t see anything scary about that article.

Yes Kyler is more talented (might be the most naturally talented zqB in history when factoring in wheels) but Kyler is a world class shithead. Bryce is not.

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I’m not freaking out about Levis like many are. He’s a traits pick. Extreme risk/reward but a lot of the things that Jared lacks he has in spades.

If we got Will Anderson or Jalen Carter with the first pick and Will Levis with the second I could live with it. Wouldn’t be my preference but I wouldn’t freak out.

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He’s currently ranked #11.
When he had a nearly complete team around him, he led it to the #1 scoring offense and #2 offense overall.
He’s tied with Josh Allen for third most TD’s…as in ahead of all, but, two of the QB’s in the league.
How many of those interceptions have come in the last two years?
He’s not going anywhere. Give it a rest.
Campbell and AG haven’t lost the locker room.
Goffs coaches and teammates love him.
Most fans do, too.