Goff vs “The Field…”

The remaining 3 years in Goffs contract make for an interesting valuation compared to the rest of the league. We have him at a 31M cap figure next year, and he will be turning 28…. That means we have Goff (if we choose) til his age 30 season…

There are some exploding contracts like J Allen’s ballooning in 2023…. Others like Baker, L Jax and Darnold have ballooning figures next year too.

When you figure that we got Iffy, late 1st and another first in 2023 along with Goff… it really helps digest the contract.

He went off for 11 tds and 2 tds over last 6 games with a 3-2-1 record since Pitt game…

When you figure we should get an elite WR prospect, maybe a stud LB next year, and Iffy along with Goff in Rams trade…. It’s technically 4 starters for 36MM per

No different than having 3 solid players on Free Agency deals and a rookie QB deal.


Winning! Goff and MC/DC looking like a great match all of a sudden.

Goff has really bought into the culture that MCDC is bringing forward. It may be the first time in his NFL career where he feels truly supported by the head coach.