Goff vs Thread!

The Goff threads are getting out of control, haha. I think we need a comedy only thread focusing on Goff vs anyone and everything.

I’ll start…

Goff vs a Beluga whale in a breath holding contest, who you got and why!?


I thought I just started one?:rofl:

I knew you were full of shit on that thread… lol


Beluga whale - 14 mins, 13 seconds
Goff - 14 mins, 14 seconds

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Partially. You get to decide which part(s).

Goff wins as he can hold more air…because he has no guts.

Fire Burning GIF by Taylor Swift

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I’ve heard that, too.

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And we should have drafted Malik Willis!!

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As bad as all the Goff threads are, nothing will ever top the Jamie Collins threads last year. That was really really bad.


Trade Decker threads were pretty close…lol


I’ve been going full Missile Command on them today…

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Pass rushers don’t come from the right side. Everybody knows that. :rofl:

Goff vs. Golf

Very good with the mid-irons
Driving off the tee is an issue
Short game is respectable, nothing special.


Don’t tell his fiance that.

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Captain Jared Goff vs Captain Sum Ting Wong.
Both were captains of teams that came up a little bit short of the runway.


Hardly doubt that’s an issue…bastard. :slightly_frowning_face:

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McVay’s girl is so jealous.

Maybe there has to be some kind of system we could employ. Like if you use Goff in your subject line 3 times you get some badge of shame. …. Like the Den hall of shame.

Entertaining consequence ideas……

Let us not forget the damn Thibs vs. Hutch threads. I think a new one was posted anytime a report came out that one of them had sneezed that day, making them the inferior player.


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Dude add more fiber if it’s that tough.